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Jan 23, 2008

Fred Calls it a Day, What Next?

By Jim Fryar.

Well Fred has ended his run. I guess it was going to happen after South Carolina, I had really hoped he would do better there and I think he left his run too late. Had he done something like his last debate performance earlier in his run, things might have gone better for him.

I am not sure who to recommend now, Rudy is great on fiscal responsibility, some of his actions indicate a reasonably socially tolerant attitude however I am not convinced of this, he seems to just be a guy with very liberal attitudes towards his own behaviour without that necessarily translating to any real commitment to individual liberty. He is certainly no Whig/Lockean/Jeffersonian. He has some attitudes which would not offend a libertarian, but has few libertarian attitudes.

Huckabee is in my opinion a big government addict, and appears to be more of a Democrat than a Republican.

Romney fails to convince me but would be acceptable.

Ron Paul, if anyone takes him seriously tends to be a more mature version of the ‘in your face’, loony fringe candidates the Libertarian party have put up in the past.

This only leaves McCain as a viable candidate. He strikes me as an honest guy, who has a great deal of integrity, aims for lower taxes, plans to cut expenditure and looks to the private sector for solutions. I think he will do.


  1. Jim

    I agree with you on McCain. He may not be the perfect libertarian but he seems like an honourable man, a decent guy and prepared to do the right thing rather than play to the gallery. I hope he does well.

  2. The interesting thing about this is that there is a heavy campaign by white supremacist groups to stop him. The Pink Flamingo has more on it and I hope to post on it in a day or two.