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Aug 4, 2009

One is Plenty.

Cartoon by Bill Leak.

The following is a letter to the editor by Ron Kitching.

Kevin Rudd cannot imagine that anybody but him can have constructive ideas, let alone those which are competitive. This self proclaimed genius, has now said:

* One Health System”, which he infers, will be superior to all others. He cannot imagine any serf having an idea superior to his.

It follows that :

* One political party will be superior.

* One car model will be superior.

* One fuel provider will be superior.

* One brewery will be superior.

* One food provider will be superior.

* One Education System will be superior.

*One Religion - The Anti CO2 faith - will be superior.

* One Canberra all around development plan will be superior.

The PM’s inference is, that competition is a wasteful, socially inferior process.

Rudd’s theories are yet another experiment in socialism, regardless of the failure of such experiments in Russia and elsewhere. The warnings of certain failure by eminent economic philosophers, is also ignored.

It does not matter about the cost. The remaining taxpayers will pay.

* Of course he may have a point. One Mother - in - Law is plenty......

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