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Sep 8, 2010

Well its Labor.

Yesterday I made the prediction, a fairly easy one actually, that Gillard would get across the line with the aid of the independents. Today it has come to pass despite some doubts earlier. I had the feeling that Bob Katter was a 50/50 bet, and he gave his support to the Liberals earlier than his two colleges, which clearly indicated there was a split and the other two would go to Labor.

As result we have a government clinging to power by effectively one seat, and a bought and paid for one at that. The Australian taxpayer will be forking out ten billion dollars in special deals for Julia’s pyrrhic victory, and a cabinet role for Oakeshott, which he seemed to be keeping to himself until a reporter asked the question. This was followed by a rather embarrassed admission.

I am not sure what it is about Oakeshott, but I am of the considered opinion that there is something not quite right about him. Katter and Windsor seemed to react in a manner that was consistent with the gravity of the situation, and the awareness of the consequences of the decision they were being called on to make. Oakeshott in contrast seemed to be rather enjoying the situation as if there was no responsibility involved.

Then there was the rather bizarre 15 – 20 minute speech to announce his decision to go with Labor. He acted as if he were the compare on Australian Idol trying to draw out the suspense on who goes out this week. I am not a shrink, but there is something really weird about this guy. It could just be a craving for attention but it’s a worry.

Now it’s a matter of seeing how this one plays out. We have a faction ridden Labor Party with 72 seats, governing with the help of a Green, an independent green, and two faux conservatives. This will give them a theoretical 76 seats, against Abbotts 73 seats plus Bob Katter. One death, disgrace or resignation can change the government, while in the Senate the Greens can hold the whole lot to ransom after next July.

One of the persistent themes of the last week or so has been the recurring theme of the ‘will of the people, or what the people want. Windsor in his statement made the point that he the reason he was supporting Labor was that if the Liberals were to be in government, they would call an early election, as they would win it and he wanted a three year term. Go figure.


  1. Yep!I heard it on the news thismorning before i went to work,sorry mate you have my condolences.The labour party are bad bastards.

    If you look at both our G.E,UK/OZ,doesn't it just prove what a sham democracy is..

  2. The will of the people is to split into two countries on the same soil. For the UK GE the Tories arguably won but for this one, it was almost exactly a draw.

  3. The worst aspect of it is the influence of the Green Luddites who are already flexing their muscles on Uranium. Coal is under threat as well.