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Oct 10, 2013

Daniel Hannan backs me up

In my profile on the Jim Fryar Liberal Democrat for WA Senate page I wrote:

… the three levels of government in Australia are out of control, constantly passing rules and regulations that impact adversely on us all as well as sucking up vast financial resources. The mere fact that something is unregulated is now seen by the government as a reason to regulate it. 
From the time they register your birth, they inspect your toys, regulate your education, supervise your sports, set your working hours, register your occupation, tax your pay packet, license your marriage, broadcast your news, interfere with your children's upbringing, subsidise your competitors, resume your land, censor your entertainment, legislate your family arrangements, just to mention a few, and tax everything that moves. 
When they finally drive you to drink they increase the excise on it, claiming it is for the good of your health. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the kill-joys of the nanny state are there to restrict you and extract a price. 
It looks like Daniel Hannan shares that view

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