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Mar 15, 2014

How the left ‘keep the skeer’

We have alluded to the Nathan Bedford Forrest style tactics of the left here before.  Some time ago, Andrew Sullivan made the rather curious claim that if Virginia and Florida were to go to the Republicans, the Confederacy would be reborn and the South would rise again. 
Over here we have similar tactics from the left with Labor’s demented assertions of a Liberal war on women and the recent Greens claim that Abbott was homophobic, racist, and every other buzz-word that will scare low information voters.
Here is Chris ‘Leg Thrill’ Mathews giving a bit of helpful advice on how to keep the public scared:

Many of us have known for a long time how statists spin the relatively innocuous positions of opponents into a worst-case scenario. Mathews is letting the cat out of the bag with his advice to exaggerate the positions of opponents and state the result as a fact.  A sensible person engaging in such underhand activities, or advising on the tactic would normally keep it ‘in house’.  Mathews though is no Einstein.
Given the failure of the Obama Presidency and the absurd disaster of Obama care, the left has little to hang its hat on as far as its record is concerned.  As result, its shills and apologists have resorted once again to the aphorism of the old general, "Git 'em skeered and keep the skeer in 'em.”
Expect more of the same here.

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