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May 1, 2007

It's Probably Irrelevent, But.............

I remembered a joke the other day from the Vietnam era.

It was about a wounded Australian soldier being interviewed, as follows: -

And how did this happen to you.

Well when I came over here, I was told that the best way to work out if someone in hiding is hostile is to insult the enemy leader; if he reacts angrily, he is Viet Cong.


Well I was out on patrol, and I realised someone was hiding in the bushes ahead. I took cover and called out “Ho Che Min is a bastard”, and a voice replied, “Harold Holt (our Prime Minister then) is a bastard”.


I walked out to shake his hand and got run over by a Yank Jeep.

I was reminded of this a few years ago when I was in Sydney on a ferry, and an American couple were taking photos of Kirribilli House. The Guy was telling his partner “It’s the home of their Prime Minister.” It was said with a reverence I hadn’t encountered before.

It gave me something to think about. I like to think it’s great that we don’t over respect our leaders though. We are an irreverent lot.

John Howard is, however probably the only Prime Minister I have had much respect for. I dislike his centralist and statist tendencies, but I do respect him.


  1. That reminds me of something I read about the Australian "tall poppy syndrome" - supposedly about how Aussies don't like folks who set themselves above others.

    Howard also disappointed me lately with his gun control speech after VA Tech. He's not perfect but he's better than the alternative.

  2. The tall poppy syndrome is a more negative thing.

    We enjoy what we call "taking the piss out of"(poking fun at, or ridiculing) those who set themselves up above others, or as we say "are up themselves", which I enjoy as much as the next guy.

    Tall poppy, is the tendency to look for fault in someone who is at the top of his field - sport, buisiness, or whatever, and try to pull him down. It seems that the more that person is respected, the more voiciferous it will be.

    It's more an envy thing, the person does not have to be arrogant, in fact they are often really likable, and popular.

    The major flaw in John Howard,is that he genuinely believes that government is the solution to all things. He has been heavily involved in politics from age 18, holding important positions within the Liberal party,in his early 20s.

    While this indicates great ability, I am always inclined to believe that those who use that amount of energy in this field while young, are inclined to statism and love it for the power. Howard is one of these.

    This guy has dedicated his life to politics. I don't consider that to be healthy.

  3. Okay, now I understand. I think it was Nichole Kidman who said she had to come to Hollywood to escape the "tall poppy" syndrome.

    Bush is also a believer in big government. I'm not sure that there are any Reaganite politicians left anywhere.

  4. This can't be right Patrick, according to the news here, during the debate of the GOP presidential hopefuls, all of them claimed to be devoted admirers of Reagan.

    Maybe they hope to cash in on nostalgia.

    In the same news there was a prediction that some guy called Fred would announce his candidacy in the next day or so, and this will make a lot of people very happy.