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May 18, 2007

Prince Harry

By Jim Fryar

So, Prince Harry will not go to Iraq as planned, and as it appears that he hoped to do.

The reason given is the danger to him and his fellow soldiers. Critics have pointed out that this represents a, ‘one rule for the royal family, another for every one else’ situation. A short time ago critics were saying that, he shouldn’t go as this would lead to increased attacks on British forces.

Critics are very professional, it seems that no matter what is done, or for what reason, they will find something to criticise it for. I am not a fan of the royal family but in this case the guy deserves credit, for accepting responsibility, and a willingness to endure the risks and hardship with his fellow countrymen.

If his presence were to lead to more attacks, wouldn’t this give the British forces more chances to kill more insurgents? His presence could be very positive from this point of view, but I suppose the left would criticise it as ‘bait laying’.

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