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Jun 3, 2007

Bring out the heavy weapons

By Jim Fryar

The following was Posted by me as a comment on The Australian Libertarian Society website 'Thoughts on Freedom', and I thought it was worth sharing with you.

Most of us misunderstand the heaviest weapon in our arsenal. Liberty and the knowledge of liberty are the greatest threats to oppressive regimes. The greatest fear they have is that their people will discover it, cherish it and work toward it. Only death will extinguish the spark once it is lit.

This is why communism, and fascism had such hatred of the free world, this is why they aimed their propaganda inward as much as outward, this is why islamofascism sneers at our values and claims moral superiority over us. The rhetoric of their of their religious leaders is proven false by their constant claims to have been humiliated so much over the centuries. If they were as good as they claim to be, they would have advanced and been respected.

The free world has constantly advanced, the above have collapsed or not advanced in any other way than conquest. Our greatest threat to communism was liberty, they had to build walls and guard their borders to stop their people getting out.

To restrict the liberties of our people in the face of threats is the ultimate in stupidity, the reason we are where we are, at the top of the heap is because we are free. The answer to oppression is not to oppress our own people, after all if we are oppressed too then what is the point of resisting alien oppression apart from xenophobia, - “Our oppression is better than theirs, foreign bastards”.

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  1. With guns, we are citizens.

    Take away our guns, and we are 'subjects'.

    Roger Thornhill
    The Catskill Commentator