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Jun 9, 2007

Natural Remedies

Well, winter is upon us down here, and my daughter has brought the flu,(known colloqually here as the wog), home from school.

After many trips to the chemist in the past, a couple of years ago I discovered the best cough mixture I have ever encountered. My mates always recomended rum, but I much preferr scotch, and besides it does nothing for the cough, just warms you up and stops you careing about it. Actually I think rum is supposed to be a preventative measure rather than a cure.

Port is the secret. The darker the better, dries up the nose , gets rid of the irritation in the throat, and after a few, gives you a wonderful sence of wellbeing, and unless you get a really cheap one, tastes a great deal better than cough mixture. I mentioned this to the chemist, who surprisingly agreed, and said that the anti oxidants and a whole lot of other things that are beneficial in it would help, however I still don't see them directing people to the bottle shops.

So, friends, (Every body is at the moment, as I am treating a paticulally persistent one tonight), remember this one for the arrival of those goughs and sniffles. Oh, and by the way, it is one of the few excuses a wife will allow you for coming to bed half cut.

On review, I feel that perhaps I had a little too wonderful a sence of wellbeing when I wrote this, but the message is still valid and it worked.

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