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Aug 30, 2007

"Michigan Republican Chairman Saul Anuzis calls on Ron Paul Libertarians to Stay in the GOP"

From Eric Dondero over at Mainstream Libertarian.

8/29/7 -- With the race for US President on the GOP side becoming more and more solidified for frontrunners Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, MI GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis made an appeal last night to Ron Paul supporters to stay within the GOP and support the eventual Nominee.

Anuzis was a guest on the Blog Talk Radio show "Libertarian Politics Live" hosted by Eric Dondero, and Co-Hosted by Andre Traversa. At the end of the half hour interview Anuzis said:

"I've been very involved in the conservative libertarian side of the Party... If you don't get involved, don't want to get involved you're not going to make a difference... throwing bombs from the outside it's not going to help. It's important to have people who are passionate about the issues involved. I mean take a look at a mainstream libertarian group like the Cato Institute. Cato has had an enormous influence... In Michigan we have the Macinac Center which is also libertarian... libertarian conservative.

They're important, but activists need to also get involved and get their hands dirty and not just jump in because Ron Paul is running and then jump out again... Their credibility is shot."

During the half hour interview Anuzis also discussed Michigan politics, GOP outreach efforts to minorities in the State, and the prospective run of Ted Nugent for Governor as a Republican for 2010.

Listen to the entire interview here!

Eric Dondero is a US Navy Veteran, former Libertarian Party National Committeeman, Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus and fmr. Senior Aide to US Congressman Ron Paul R-TX. He is now a national Republican Political Consultant based in Houston, Texas.


  1. Libertarians can't "stay" in the GOP if they were never "in" the GOP in the first place.

    The GOP does NOT feel like "home". BOTH DEM and GOP are blind sighted, leaderless and hopelessly impotent to the "stick" of impending tyranny of a collapsed dollar and the "carrot" of being "rescued" AND temporarily "prospered" by a Corporate Oligarchy and their Global agenda.

    God help us if Ron Paul fails....You can keep amusing yourselves with the fiction of the GOP party....I for one, can't stomach it anymore!
    a Life Long Republican.

  2. Saul is the same guy whose first instinct was to BAN RON PAUL from the debates too.

    I don't think he quite "gets it".

    Fielding J. Hurst

  3. Not doing it. If Paul does not get the nomination, I'm not voting for any of the others, sorry my vote is too important to me.

  4. Noone who is in the GOP to vote for Ron Paul would give a thought to staying in if he doesn't get the nomination. There aren't two parties, there's one and it's only the color of their clothes that is different. Fortunately I don't have to choose in my state but many will have to. I think there will be a big surprise coming for the GOP's but suspect that it's all "rigged" anyway. I will vote in the elections but if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, I'll just write him in so as not to throw away a good vote a hideous candidate that is either parties sheepish follower appointed by the elite.

  5. As anonymous said, the first I ever heard about Saul Anuzis is that he was the guy whose first instinct was to ban Ron Paul from the debates, so he has absolutely no credibility with me. I agree with everything all the other commentors wrote. If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, I'll write him in.

    All the so-called Republican candidates look like RINOs to me.
    Only Ron Paul will do as far I'm concerned, I will accept no substitutes.

    I'm tired of being a debt slave to the oligarchy. I suspect most Ron Paul supporters feel the same way, that's why the so-called Republican party holds no attraction for us, ESPECIALLY for those of us, like myself, who used to believe in, and contribute to, the Republican party and feel betrayed. How many times have we voted for so-called 'Republicans', only to have the candidate vote like a Democrat once they were in office? Way too many times. Never again! No more RINOs!

    How many candidates can you name who consistently try to uphold and defend the Constitution at every possible opportunity? I can name only one - Ron Paul. That needs to be fixed, we need many more like him.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Ron Paul's candidacy is the only political excitement I've had in a long, long time.

  6. Ron Paul On the Ticket Or We Stay Home!

    Read and sign the Ron Paul Is Right – Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at

  7. Well, Saul can re-iterate this if Dr. Paul does not win the nomination. In the meantime he is right, we all need to stand together to support Dr. Paul.

    If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, I don't know how I will vote since the GOP is such a dead and rotting elephant.

  8. For most of us crazy and non credible people like Eric Dondero have ruined the GOP.

    We need Ron Paul supporters to work within the GOP to make it what it is supposed to be, not some liberal neocon party.

  9. How can anyone quote a loser like Eric Dondero???

  10. Ron Paul is the only reson to vote at all.

    I will go back to decline to state if the republicans continue on the path they are on.

    Too bad too, because I like the conservative republican platform, of course they never do any of the things they talk about.

  11. If the American people will not grab this opportunity to put someone into the Oval Office who will seriously clean house, I will vote for Hillary so that they will get an even more fatal dose of what they deserve.

    If Ron Paul is not nominated, then the faster this country collapses the better, and Hillary is just the ticket. If we pass up our last opportunity for a bloodless revolution, only a bloody one will be able to wrest control of the Republic from the NWO/CFR elitists.

  12. So Eric Dondero, a former aide (fired) to Ron Paul; and who has been insulting and bagging on Ron Paul all over the internet since his candidacy announcement in February interviews Saul Anuzis who publicly said Ron Paul should be banned from the debates? Why would ANY Ron Paul supporter give one bit of thought as to what both of them had to say? Not to mention the fact that Dondero has announced his intention to challenge Ron Paul for his congressional seat? As if anything worth noting would come from this interview?

  13. While Giuliani is the frontrunner at the moment, there is a long way to go in the contest. Fred Thompson is declaring as a candidate on the 6th Sep and has been running at around number 3 in polls despite not being declared. The liberal media have been doing more hit jobs on him than most of the declared candidates.

    Candidates tend to 'feel the water' before finalizing their policies, and I am sure that after the NRA and a few other freedom loving groups have their bit to say, things will look a lot different.

    I feel that it would be a good thing if Paul and other libertarian leaning candidates were to make a strong showing, as this would affect the ultimate policies that the election is fought on. Fiscal conservatism has to make a strong showing in the primaries, as this is the worst area of the current administration, and a Democrat victory would only make matters worse.

    My feelings for Ron Paul have had their ups and downs over the years, and while I respect his libertarian principles, I tend to regard him as one of the more eccentric libertarians, and his support for the 9/11 truther lunatics has ended my regard for him as a serious candidate.

    It is important that the paul supporters don't take their bats and balls and go home if they don't get their way as they can still make a substantial difference in the final result. Ask yourselves, if Ron Paul were to win the nomination, how well would he do if the supporters of Giuliani, Romney, and Fred Thompson were to get into a huff and refuse to support him.

    This is too important for hissy fits. Rons supporters are the only ones talking this way, which probably is a reflection of the man.

  14. Fine. Every one of you ourside of Jim, bashes the Republican Party and call all the other GOP candidates RINOs.

    I fail to see how a guy like Rudy Giuliani who cut taxes 23 times as Mayor of NY and was called by the NY Times a "free market extremist Ayn Randian" could be considered a RINO, but fine.

    Got a question for you all. Since you hate the Republican Party so much, what are you doing supporting Ron Paul as a Republican? Why not just run him as a Democrat. I mean, you all hate Republicans that much, and swear at them, and call them every name in the book.

    Another question, for the next few months, you all will be needing to get booth space, and invited to GOP events to particpate.

    Why should the GOP treat you well, when all you do is bash them?

    Give y'all's attitudes, if I was a GOP leader I might invite you to the next convention, but I'd give you "Ron Paul for Prez" booth space outside in the hallway, next to the broom closet. You don't deserve any better.

  15. What a pitiful bitter little cipher of a man you are.

  16. Does Your Candidate Have Plan to Save U.S. Manufacturing?

    For the October 9 Republican debate in Dearborn, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) urges Michigan voters to challenge their presidential candidates regarding America’s manufacturing crisis.

    The United States racked up a $763 billion trade deficit in 2006, and more than 40,000 U.S. factories have closed since 2000. Michigan has lost more than 279,000 manufacturing employees. These lost factories, and our enormous trade deficit, do not happen by accident. U.S. manufacturers face ongoing, unfair competition from overseas. For example, China employs currency manipulation—a practice deemed illegal under international law—to artificially lower the cost of their goods while raising the price of U.S. exports. China also dumps product in the U.S. and illegally subsidizes its manufacturing. In the past five years alone, China’s state-run economy has poured $52 billion into its steel production, a serious challenge to private American steel producers.

    We believe it’s high time that our presidential candidates address this illegal competition confronting American businesses, and offer concrete solutions about how to strengthen U.S. manufacturing.

    At the Dearborn debate, and elsewhere, ask your candidates to explain how they’ll stand up for American manufacturing. Ask them directly:
    1. What specific policies will you support to strengthen the American manufacturing base, which is vital to our economic and national security?
    2. What steps will you take to enforce our trade laws and hold cheating countries like China accountable?

    These are serious questions—ones that deserve forthright answers.


  17. this anuzis guy is a real piece of work. if ron paul isn't the republican party representative for president, i will leave the party immediately and the party will continue to collapse.