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Sep 16, 2007

Stumbled on to by chance.

Petr Bokuvka

I found this site when I followed some links, sorry about the photo its the only one available. He is not libertarian, but leans that way and shares some of the same gripes as us. Two items particularly drew my attention, the first because of the depth of insight into language, the second for the wry sense of humor.

As a person who studied theories of language and speech, I happen to know that huge events in a country’s history tend to shake up the language’s vocabulary. New words, idioms, sayings or lexical units appear.

For a Czech speaking person, if one says “It happened after 11th of September”, every person who is fluent in Czech will know a specific date is discussed - September 11, 2001. An English speaking person will just say “Nothing is the same since Nine Eleven”. Or in a written communication you [native English speakers] would just write 9/11.

A six year-old son of a good friend of mine [ehm] is exceptionally bright. Since he has had some basic English in kindergarten and since he watches cop shows he wanted to know how Americans can tell the difference between 9/11 and 911. My friend tried to be a perfect mother for about two seconds and then she asked me to provide the explanation.

I am glad no kid has asked me another thing: how come that everytime something happens in the United States or the United Kingdom [to a smaller degree] that involved explosion or a similar event, it is considered a possible terrorist attack until it is proved otherwise? In other words: We really think it was a terrorist attack and we will stick to it until we are proved wrong. In the rest of the world, authorities say We don’t know what it is, and until we are proved otherwise, we maintain it was NOT a terrorist attack.

I think the terrorists are winning this part…
The second is, Top Six Things George Bush Could Say
Top Six Things George Bush Could Say If He Came To Prague Today

6. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Osama was hiding in one of them mountains of German waste you have here.

5. If you approve the U.S. radar site, I will force the New York Rangers to move to Prague, Nebraska.

4. I like how your PM says he is a man with balls. That’s the spirit we need. Condoleeza has never said it.

3. Don’t tell my daughters that Prague kids can get drunk in pubs when they are fifteen.

2. As of January 1, Czech visa applicants will ONLY have to bring grandma’s cake to the consulate officer.

1. I have ordered 5,000 troops to be relocated from Iraq to Prague to protect our tourists from Czech cab drivers.

Disclaimer: The Top TEN Lists are an artist trademark of David Letterman and The Late Show…
I like the guy, he reminds me of: -

Oh would some power the giftie gie us, to see ourselves as others see us.  Robert Burns, To a Louse.


  1. Tell me more about "grandma's cake"!

    Guy's good!

  2. Thanks, Jim! That's a nice site to read. :-)