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Sep 19, 2007

Zimbabwean inflation under 7,000%

Picture, Shopping in Zimbabwe

I found this gem on BBC, if it weren't for the terrible tragedy of the state of the country and the people and the terrible oppression inflicted by the government to continue to rule in all their incompetence, it would be funny. Imagine your reaction if your government, wherever you are, announced its success in getting inflation down to just 6,592.8%

Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate slowed in August to 6,592.8% from July's record of 7,634.8%, according to the Central Statistical Office (CSO).
The slowdown came in the midst of a price-control programme imposed by President Robert Mugabe in June.

Businesses were ordered to cut or freeze prices for items such as bread and milk.

But critics say the measures have just deepened the chronic food shortages suffered by Zimbabweans.

At the end of August, President Mugabe introduced jail terms of up to six months for anyone caught trying to raise prices or wages.

The CSO said the decline in inflation was due to a slowdown in prices for food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Despite the fall, Zimbabwe's inflation remains by far the highest in the world.


  1. Empty store shelves in a Communist Dictatorship ... whoda thunk it?

  2. Communist Dictatorship? somebody told me that it was a workers paradise. Lets see, no it wasn't Patrick.