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Dec 2, 2007

Liberal Party (Queensland) Seeking More Memorable Defeats

Photo; Qld. Liberal leader, Dr Bruce Fleg and Nationals leader, (and opposition leader) Jeff Seeny.

By Jim Fryar.

What astute politicians those Liberals are, eight members of parliament and they feel that they can indulge in the luxury of factional squabbles, and drag a leadership dispute on for a week and counting, just what the hell do these people represent?

Some of this factional nonsense in my opinion goes back as far as the celebrated split with the Nationals, which was supposed to put the Liberals in the majority and bring Joh to heel. Oops, well that didn’t go very well, did it? They ended up sitting beside Labor as an opposition party. Is this something so good as to be perpetuated?

I don’t think so.

The last decent decision made by the opposition in this state was to amalgamate the two parties and present a united front in the following election. It had Peter Bettie running scared, to the point that he vigorously campaigned against it.

Peter’s greatest talent was giving gratuitous advice to people who he wished to destroy, and having it accepted by them. And it worked, didn’t it? Those who feared the loss of their power base rushed to scuttle it. Peter had great political judgement as he demonstrated when he left.

He managed to anoint his deputy, Anna Blyth as leader, as per the old adage in politics, “Always get succeeded by someone more incompetent than yourself so you look better”.

Just to make Pete’s day, they then tossed out the baby with the bathwater and got rid of Bob Quinn, and ultimately Lawrence Springborg, who were vastly more credible leaders than those they have at present.

I call on the Liberals and the Nationals to think about what your policies are. You don’t have any apart from vague ideas, do you? They will be worked out in detail when the next election gets closer. Until then your few parliamentarians will spend their time voting against every piece of legislation that comes up, good or bad.

Not a great prospect is it, especially as unless you can get your representatives into some semblance of an organised group, you are going to cop another flogging next time? Kind of reminds me of an old expression involving the rough end of the pineapple, (not sure which end that is).

You now have an alternative to this fate. Those of you who are more to the classical liberal line of thinking; that is fiscal responsibility along with social tolerance have the potential of a new party available to you, the Liberty and Democracy Party.

Support lower taxes, we do. Support secure property rights, along with the right to do as you wish with that property, we do. Want fewer bureaucrats telling you what you can or can’t do, hey that’s us. Think you are competent to make your own decisions, we do. Want rid of excessive regulation, we’re with you there too.

The fact is that we now represent your views much more closely than the parties that you currently support ever will, that is if they ever get into a position to represent you again and for that to happen in the near future you will go through some very bad times as the current government would have to set out to make itself detested for this opposition to look good.

Look, Liberals and Nationals, the ones who want things to improve would be well advised to check out the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP), if you think you could help to create a new force for a return to common sense, go check out our site.

We need good members and you need a great political party. When our people get in we won’t be a rump group, we can still work with liberals and conservatives where our principles agree with theirs and be an effective force for advancement until we can form a government in our own right.

Come on over, check us out.


Courier Mail reports resolution in sight, stupid resolution, but a resolution.

THE stalemate over the leadership of the Queensland Liberals will be decided by a lucky dip at noon tomorrow if MPs cannot agree on a candidate.

The party's eight MPs met for 12 hours yesterday but failed to agree on who should be their new leader after Bruce Flegg stood down.

Another meeting today has been cancelled but the MPs will reconvene tomorrow at 10am.

Three MPs are backing Clayfield MP Tim Nicholls while Dr Flegg's former supporters have switched their allegience to Mark McArdle.

If there is no agreement after two hours tomorrow, the leadership will be decided by drawing a name out of a hat.

You just have to admire these guys for their negotiating skills, and philosophical commitment. Mind you this method of selecting a leader could be better than you think, just look around at the current crop and think about it.

Meanwhile the Premier, Anna Sincerity's my middle name Blyth, has spoken about her acute embarrassment at the antics of these idiots. Yeah Anna, my heart bleeds for you, as i'm quite sure the sight of an opposition in disarray must be really upsetting for you.

Your predecessor, Posturing Pete would not have put up with this. He would have turned up at the conference, and offered his help to them. Tomorrows news flash: -

Forrest Gump new Liberal leader.

Liberal Party president Warwick Parer, has thanked Pete for his timely intervention and says, "The party can now move into the future, with improved dynamic leadership.

Another update.

Well, its finally settled, and no name drawn out of a hat.
After days of wrangling over the issue, the party's eight MPs today elected Mr McArdle to replace Dr Bruce Flegg as leader and made leadership challenger Tim Nicholls his deputy.

During a two-hour meeting today the two leaders were elected unanimously, despite earlier threatening to draw a new leader's name out of a hat because the leadership vote was deadlocked.

Mr McArdle, the former deputy leader, told reporters the party now had to create a credible alternative to Labor in the lead-up to the next election due in 2009. 

They certainly have some distance to cover.

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