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Dec 31, 2007

UK Law Application. ‘Dhimmis by any other name would………’

Mangotsfield war memorial

I have in the past highlighted some of the more ridiculous applications of the law and somewhat embarrassingly as such appear to be picking on the New World, so it is nice to highlight the fact that legal stupidity is not confined to there.
After all, we have plenty of it here in Oz. This one gives me a chance to bring you some from the home of left wing pompous arrogance, and the original nanny state, Europe and in this case the Poms. This is from an article in the Daily Sun by Luke Salkeld.

When she spotted yobs vandalizing a war memorial garden, Julie Lake sprang into action.

As the daughter of a Second World War RAF pilot – and granddaughter of one of the fallen in the 1914-18 war – she felt it was her duty to intervene. But, after giving the main culprit a talking- to and a 'cuff round the ear', she finds herself facing the prospect of being arrested for assault.

Yesterday Mrs. Lake accused police of failing to follow up her complaints about graffiti and other hooliganism in the memorial garden….

"I've called the police and I've tried to talk to these kids, but I've got nowhere………….

"I did not go up to these boys intending to hit anyone but they when they started shouting abuse at me and my husband, Peter, who is recovering from cancer, I just snapped." She said that 15 youths surrounded her and mockingly asked if her husband, who was in their car, was going to rescue her.

"I saw red and gave the ringleader a slap on the cheek," she added. "He was just laughing and said 'That's assault'. "Then they took my car registration and rang the police. They all know their rights, they just don't care about anyone else's."

Gangs of teenagers wearing hooded tops have carried out a series of attacks on the pretty memorial garden with its somber stone cross. They have daubed offensive graffiti on the stone, ridden their bikes over wreaths and carved their names into wooden benches.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police confirmed the force is investigating an alleged assault on a 15- year-old boy. He admitted however that Mangotsfield has a problem with youth vandalism.

Inspector Gus Krouwel said: 'Neighborhood police regularly receive complaints about groups of around eight young people gathering by the war memorial, drinking and leaving litter.

"I do appreciate that people may get frustrated with this sort of situation but the appropriate response is to work with agencies like the police and local authority to find solutions."

Well isn't that nice, after regularly receiving complaints about this and not bothering to get off their fat arses to try to do something about it, they want people who have in the past found it to be a waste of time, to work with them.

Mrs. Lake will voluntarily attend a police station next month to be formally arrested. She could be charged with assault, which carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison or a £5,000 fine (about US$10,000 or Au$11500).

But she said she was prepared to take any punishment she is given to make a point about the effects of anti-social behavior.

I, for the life of me just totally fail to understand the wish of others to desecrate memorials, they are only a place put aside for the memory of those who lost their lives fighting for their country. It is not as if someone seeing one is likely to form an ambition to have his name inscribed there too.

This activity, I think has more to do with anti-social personality disorders than peace, and unfortunately the state seems to back the loonies.

If any British veterans are reading this check out how the Yanks deal with these twerps by going to my post on "Gathering Of Eagles" and follow the links, you could do some good.

A mate of mine was working in a place called Gunpowder, a small mine town in the north west of Queensland, and there was one guy there who, when he got pissed thought he was a great fighter. Trouble was he couldn't fight anyway, and even less when pissed.

One night he picked on a small new guy who didn't know him well enough to tell him to piss off who got stuck in and gave him a bit of a flogging. The result was that 'fighting man' went to the cops with one eye blackened and closed and demanded the perpetrator be charged.

The cop told him "F..k off before I close your other eye for you."

Thats what I call good sensible policing.


  1. Jim,

    This is all bog standard Britain today. The crims know how ridiculously complex the law is and how they can use it to their own gain .

    In the UK the citizenry have absolutely no right to defend themselves and the people who are meant to be their protection are tied up in paperwork or just dead useless. Many people are now hiring private security firms to patrol their neighborhoods.

  2. I don't think your alone. You see it coming in from all over the world. Sometimes I really think the law has been highjacked by the other side.

  3. The woman believed she'd seen someone cycle over flower beds one day, and attacked this boy in a different place the next day, and threw his bicycle into the road, which might risk endangering traffic.

    So he isn't necessarily the culprit she saw the day before.

    This was the whole story to begin with, but now her frustrations at previous events have come into play, like alleged graffiti.

    But the photos of her next to the memorial show no damage to it whatsoever, and nor has it been recently cleaned, as shown by the amount of algae on it.

    It's also abundantly clear that cycling over the wreaths around the base, another allegation, is virtually impossible due to kerbstones.

    So, you might suggest with a sneer that this is the home of political correctness, but she has
    not acted in self-defence on catching someone in an act of vandalism, as rather incomplete reporting seems to have implied.

  4. Andy; While I am prepared to accept that the press can be lazy and sensational the only reference I can find to other than the one I quoted is this.

    It includes the following: -

    Mrs Lake, whose grandfather died in World War I, said the publicity the story had received had already brought results.

    She said: "The headmaster of Mangotsfield School says he knows the offenders and has seen them himself.

    "He hauled them into his office and gave them a talking-to about history, and one of the group came up to my husband and apologised.

    "He said he was deeply sorry for what he had done and hadn't been back to the site since.

    "That was really pleasing. If just one lad in that gang has been man enough to apologise, that might have an effect on the rest of them."

    Could you possibly send a link to your source.