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Mar 27, 2008

Freedom of Speech, Wilders Site Shut Down.

Copy of website borrowed from Muslims against Sharia.

I came across a comment from a member of the Islamic Reform Movement (website; Muslims against Sharia) which referred to Geert Wilders site for “Fitna The Movie” being suspended by Network Solutions, after complaints.

While I freely acknowledge that Network Solutions is a company which owns the medium on which the site exists, and are free to do what they wish with their property, if they wish to claim lack of bias they have a moral responsibility to being even handed. Extreme Islamic websites exist, advocating all sorts of barbaric shit headedness, attacking all values other than their own, yet NS seems to believe that we must not say anything that will offend them.

The following You Tube vidio “Brad Thor discusses Fitna with Glenn Beck” was on their site and its well worth watching. One of the comments made below on the You Tube site was by ‘Miemerke’; “Political correctness is the *final solution* for free speech...”

According to Brad Thor the movie is about the violent passages in the Koran along with modern day footage showing that they are still considered relevant by some modern day Muslims. He also Quotes Pat Condell who said, “The lie of political correctness is that we are being told that what we should think is more important than what we do think.”

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