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Mar 23, 2008

McCain Consistently Correct on Middle East.

Aid worker and former army major Stuart Cameron who was murdered in Iraq as part of a terror campaign by Saddam Hussein.

John McCain has been vindicated over claims that Iran was linked to al Qaeda as well as Shia terrorism in Iraq.

As a supporter of the war in Iraq he is consistently being proven right. The left loves to ridicule the idea of the Iraqi regime sponsoring terrorism, however they are being left with egg on their faces on this too.

In a recent article in Librtarian Republican, “Pentagon Report released: Anti-War Left still denying Saddam's extensive links to Radical Islamic Terrorism,” by Andrew Murphy, this assertion is quashed: -

Furthermore, stories from the "New York Times" in April 2003 report that western intelligence had discovered in 2000 and early 2001, Bin Laden had picked up where his mentor left off with the Kurdish Islamists. Bin Laden hosted several Kurdish Islamists in Afghanistan and preached the need for a unite front against the secular Kurdish leadership.

Soon after these meetings, in December 2001, the Ansar al Islam group was pieced together by the Islamists. After the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 by the USA, many of the al-Qaeda leadership and foot soldiers were chased out of their home base and sanctuary elsewhere. ……………..

Qusay Huessin(Saddam's other son) supplied Ansar with weapons, maps and money to carry out their terror attacks against the Kurdish leadership.

Likewise, members of the Fedayeen Saddam(the regime's storm troopers) held meetings with Ansar members in northern Iraq. Kamel's testimony has with stood the test of time, Kamel had also warned the USA that Saddam had eliminated all his WMD that were stockpiled. Thus when it came down to it, Saddam used Ansar and their al-Qaeda comrades in arms for his own ends.

It concludes: -
Whether or not Saddam Huessin officially or covertly collaborated with Al-Qaeda still doesn't change the core facts that the Baathist regime committed genocide, funded and supported international terrorism, attempted to monkey around with WMDs' and committed two separate acts of aggressive war against its neighbors within a decade(Iran & Kuwait). These reason alone dictated international actions against the former psychopathic dictator.

Saddam's use of Al-Qaeda in northern Iraq simply illustrates and gives yet another example of the terror, the horror and the nihilistic insights into one of the foulest regimes that existed on the planet prior to 2003.

Go to the full article via the link above, it is an eye opener.

Here is another example of state terror by the regime in relation to the murder of aid workers who gave humanitarian aid to the Kurds.

The Australian this weekend carried a report titled, “Saddam had Aussie killed” in which documents link the murder of aid workers directly to Saddam Hussein: -

SADDAM Hussein's Iraqi regime had an Australian aid worker killed as part of a state-sponsored terror program that also considered a plan to "eliminate" Australian-educated Martin Indyk, the former US ambassador to Israel.

Top-secret Iraqi documents confirm for the first time that Care Australia worker Stuart Cameron was shot in Iraq in 1993 as part of a government campaign against foreign aid workers helping Kurds in the country's north.

In one letter, Iraqi intelligence boasts about its performance after killing Cameron, a former Australian army major and father of two, and other aid workers. At the same time, however, Saddam's regime was publicly expressing outrage and blaming Cameron's death on Kurds.

In May 1993, Iraqi intelligence wrote to Iraq's defense minister in a letter marked "top secret and private" that Cameron's murder was "executed by our directorate in fulfillment of your excellent direction".

Care Australia was one organization providing Kurds in northern Iraq with humanitarian aid after vicious reprisals from Saddam's regime following an unsuccessful uprising against the government at the end of the first Gulf War in 1991. 

Cameron died in an ambush when several heavily armed gunmen fired at him and co-worker Joe Martinico, who was wounded in the attack. 

Still the bloody leftist apologists are trying to deny this. “The then chairman of Care Australia, former prime minister Malcolm Fraser, said yesterday he was sceptical about the claims made in the Iraqi documents. "I just don't believe it," he said.

"Under Saddam Hussein, horrible and hateful at he was, Iraq was one of the safest countries for Care to operate in.

"If it was suspected the Iraqi government was involved, then why did no one at Care tell me that at the time?"


Malcolm Fraser was the second worst Prime Minister Australia ever had. He only achieved office by default, owing to being preceded by the worst one, Gough Whitlam, who ran the most inept government in living memory. Mals greatest achievement was to make Bob Hawke look good enough to be elected PM.


  1. Saddam was awful. Saddam wanted weapons. Saddam would have used them against anyone he wished, whether Shia, Israeli, Kuwaiti or "Husseini." That still doesn't make war the correct solution. Especially not when bin Laden himself was advocating an overthrow of Hussein and the fact that the 9-11 attacks were simply a ploy to draw America further into the Middle East (as were the embassy bombings in Africa and the USS Cole attack). We got tricked into going to war, thereby stirring the Islamic pot to make it easier for bin Laden to convince ordinary Hakeem's to blow themselves up in random markets. This whole mess (9-11, Iraq, etc.) isn't about the US, as difficult as that is to swallow. All three candidates (McCain, Clinton, Obama) will pull us out of Iraq within the first 12 months of their mandate, for varying reasons. McCain will do it in order to avoid raising taxes, since he'd rather undergo water-boarding than continue the fiscal irresponsibility that has highlighted Bush-Cheney's reign. The irony is that bin Laden will attack us again once we pull out, since he wants us in there. Thus, Bush will look like some great protective hero. It's not fair.

  2. I seriously doubt that McCain will pull out. You are not making a lot of sense, You seem to accept that bin Laden wanted war, list atrocities carried out by him, then suggest that the US should have sat on its hands and let him just keep going.

  3. Jim,

    Do you really want a guy in power who says this: "I would rather have a clean government than one where 'First Amendment rights' are being respected"

  4. Will you email me. I would like to have you contribute on another blog.