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Jan 3, 2009

“Lessons from History on Climate Change”.

Viv Forbes is one of the most lucid voices in the global warming debate, heading up the Carbon Sense Coalition, which has repeatedly demolished the myths surrounding climate change. In this message he raises the need to give encouragement to those politicians who have the courage to step away from the herd and take a principled stand: -

We hope you will spread this statement and report around your circle, not just to committed people on either side, but also to politicians, the media, friends and associates who may have an open mind still. Congratulate politicians who say sensible things. Politics is a numbers game.

This year will be crunch time. Many hard political decisions will have to be taken, and many people and businesses will wake up to the potential for costly taxes and red tape. There will be increased attempts to silence skeptics, and vigorous lobbying for exemptions and special deals for certain sectors and businesses. And we have the wild card in America. 

We sense the tide is turning, and more people are supporting our efforts or expressing their own skepticism. There are a number of causes.

Firstly, people are starting to notice the record cold snaps being experienced all over the world. We make no claims that we can forecast the weather, but it is an inconvenient fact for the alarmists that temperatures have been topping out or falling for 10 years now in spite of rising emissions of man-made carbon dioxide. It is obvious that forces far bigger than man are affecting the weather.

Secondly, the grim economic outlook had focused minds on what is important and what is fairy floss. Jobs for workers and profits for business will dominate thinking for some time to come.

Thirdly, businesses are starting to understand that Emissions Trading is just another tax with a huge speculative market attached to it. Someone is going to pay for all this foolishness, and the bill has only four places to land – consumers, taxpayers, employees or shareholders. One or more of these groups are going to be hard hit if Penny Wong and Bob Brown have their way.

The Carbon Sense Coalition, and other allied groups will be increasing our activities this year. We appreciate any help you can give us.

“Lessons from History on Climate Change”.

A statement by Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today congratulated Senator Barnaby Joyce, Senator Ron Boswell, Senator Cory Bernardi and Dr Dennis Jensen MP for their principled stand against the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Releasing a new paper entitled “Climate Change in Perspective” the Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, Mr. Viv Forbes, said that changing climate was a permanent feature of Earth’s history – man did not cause it and cannot change it.

“All over the world, politicians, scientists, taxpayers and shareholders are waking up to the fact that they have been conned by the global warming story. All we need to do is read a bit of climate history to get things into perspective and realize how lucky we are today.”

He commented:

“Within just the last 20,000 years, vast ice sheets melted from the earth’s surface, seas rose about 130 m, temperatures rose well above present levels several times, and as the seas warmed, they expelled their dissolved carbon dioxide.”

“Then just 300 years ago, earth suffered from the bitter cold and famines caused by the Little Ice Age. Since about 1700 AD, warmth created by increasing solar activity has been driving back the deadly frosts, snow and ice. Carbon dioxide is naturally expelled from the warming oceans to the atmosphere – humans have very little to do with it all.”

“All of these events were caused by and controlled by natural processes, and all life on earth was forced to adapt or die.”

“Despite continual increases in man’s emissions of carbon dioxide, the earth has not warmed since 1998. With unseasonal snow, bitter frosts, power failures and lost crops being reported every week, to send 10,000 pampered politicians and bureaucrats on a junket to Poland to discuss “Global warming” is surely a sick joke?

“A growing number of politicians are now bravely stating what a large and increasing number of scientists have been saying: “There is no global warming crisis, carbon dioxide is a benefit not a danger in the atmosphere, and the whole Emissions Trading industry is shaping up to be a bigger financial disaster than the sub-prime mess.”
Here is the full report from The Carbon Sense Coalition on “Climate Change in Perspective.” 

This is a link to the additional 650 scientists who signed their dissent over Man-Made Global Warming claims and continue to debunk the so-called “Consensus” in 2008. 

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