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Jan 9, 2009

Sex Bailout, or is it a “Stimulus Package?”


TWO porn moguls are seeking a $US5 billion ($7 billion) bailout from Washington, arguing that the limp US economy has thrown cold water on the adult entertainment industry.

Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild video series creator Joe Francis have asked Congress "to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America" in a bailout move similar to the one set aside for US car makers.

"Congress seems willing to help shore up our nation's most important businesses, (and) we feel we deserve the same consideration," Francis said.

"In difficult economic times, Americans turn to entertainment for relief. More and more, the kind of entertainment they turn to is adult entertainment."

The pair were quick to admit that "the $US13 billion industry is in no fear of collapse", but asked: "Why take chances?" …..

I doubt that either of them are holding their breath waiting for their $5 billion to arrive in the mail, in fact it is hard to imagine this call as anything other than taking the piss out of the US government over the auto bailout. On the other hand they might just get it, after all they have presented a better case than the big three auto-makers, and it worked for them.

Meanwhile there is no sign of a slackening over here according to a story in the same issue, relating to a thief who breaks into adult shops, steals the dolls and, well you know the rest. Police are seeking a satisfied looking tall, skinny caucasian guy with a liking for “Jungle Jane.”

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