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May 20, 2009

Ron Paul on economic collapse.

H/T comments on Libertarian Republican.

This video starts as commentary on torture and Pelosi, but after the first couple of minutes goes onto Paul’s 2003 prediction of the current situation.

I generally get in the shit with Paulists when I comment on him, however I have great respect for him on economic issues. He starts to lose me however when he apes the lefts crap about empire. The US is not an empire and not likely to ever become one. I agree with him on many of the cuts he proposes but in the current situation defense would not be one of them.

I would however try to aim first at cutting the size and scope of those departments rather than their immediate abolition, which Paul aims for. I believe much of what he claims can be eliminated, can be and should be eliminated, but to insist on doing so immediately is will pretty much guarantee the election of those who will build them up. They should be wound back as quickly as possible and ultimately abolished, and we can get there and maybe even further than Ron envisages now, but we have to use language we can win with to have a chance.


  1. No doubt. If we are an empire, we sure do suck at it. Hell, we haven't even taken over Canada or Mexico. Some empire.

    Just like the "genocide" the Israelis supposedly perpetuate against the Arabs who call themselves palestinians. There are more fucking so called "palestinians" every damn year. Some genocide they got going there.

  2. I agree. The claim of 'empire' is so stupid that its difficult to understand why the left and their allies use it so persistently. The US has had the strength to do so for a long time and have been in a position to do so in the past but have always handed over power and gone home.

    Says a lot about you guys.

  3. I agree here too, I love Ron Paul's beliefs on the economy and capitalism, I really think that he is a genius on these things. My eyes quickly glaze over however when he speaks about retreat from Iraq and 'the empire'. I still admire and support him though, just not on defense......