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May 21, 2009

A tale of Three Presidents.

I am heading off for another swing at work tomorrow so I'll not be online for a while. I am leaving this for your amusement, courtesy of an Email I received. As a working man I can leave it up to you to figure out which two I prefer and which one I have little time for.

We start with W.

Then we have an action shot of Reagan.

Then the not so outdoors  type.


  1. Oh, this is just friggin' halarious!

    Jim, Mate, YOU MUST SEE THIS VIDEO NOW UP AT LR. Aussie reporter attacked by crazed Muslim polygamist.

  2. Thanks for the publicity and the clip, as you will see I've put it up. I didn't see that one on tele.

  3. Great post, great blog, found you from Eric's sit LR today.....

  4. Michael SutcliffeJune 6, 2009 at 12:19 AM

    While it might be unfair, it's the shot of the big BO hanging curtins is both painfully apt and bloody funny.

  5. I am a bit late getting back and answering you LCR but thanks for the visit. I have looked over your site before and always find it of value.

    Good to see you back Mick, I don't feel particularly obligated to be scrupulously fair to a guy who pulls the sort of antics Obama does. I doubt that he would respond with fairness.