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Jun 7, 2009

“Back to the Horse and Sulky?

Cartoon by Ramirez.

"The Australian" reveals that we might owe a debt of gratitude to Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner if the senate rejects Rudd's cap and trade bill.
FAMILY First senator Steve Fielding, whose vote could be critical to the Rudd Government's emissions trading system, yesterday heard warnings of dire economic consequences if carbon trading schemes were introduced.

Wisconsin Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner told a climate change conference in Washington attended by Senator Fielding that electricity bills would double or triple under US cap-and-trade legislation. And he denounced the climate change movement as simply transferring wealth to developing countries.

Mr Sensenbrenner said that without China and India signing any climate change legislation, it would be foolish for the US or any other country to take the lead, arguing that capping emissions in the US would allow other countries to take an advantage. ....

While climate change advocates challenge these claims, Senator Fielding said the arguments presented yesterday were giving him pause to reflect on the entire debate over climate change.

"I'm not sure we should be signing anything before Copenhagen," he said after listening to Mr Sensenbrenner. "If it's true climate change is driven more by solar changes, then I have to consider if (climate change legislation) is worth doing."
The latest press release by Viv Forbes sounds reasonably optimistic as public opinion seems to be changing and hardening against the governments grab for power and revenue in response to the great global warming scam. I have included most of the introductory letter above it.

The Public is Cooling.
By Viv Forbes.

The public is turning very skeptical as the threatened global warming is not occurring as forecast, and as the huge cost of the Ration-N-Tax Scheme becomes obvious. Industry leaders who should have been leading the fight against the whole idea of trying to control climate by rationing the production of carbon dioxide are now scrambling to get special exemptions for their industries or companies.

As the public cools, and the weather refuses to show warming, the alarmists are becoming even more alarmed. They are desperate to get any law onto the books and to get any silly unachievable international agreement signed. We must make every effort to stop them.

There are interesting times ahead.

“Heaven and Earth” is Moving Mountains

The publication of Ian Plimer’s best-selling book “Heaven and Earth” has created volcanic eruptions in some circles. Here is a video on the Quadrant web site of Professor Plimer being interviewed by Brian Carlton (courtesy; "Quadrant Online"):

Third International Conference on Climate Change

This influential world conference held in New York recently and attended by more than 250 scientists, economists, policy makers and media concluded with the release of what will become a key publication in the global warming debate:

“Climate Change Reconsidered, the 2009 report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)” by Craig Idso and S. Fred Singer.

For a video of the launch of this book by Heartland President Joseph Bast, editor of “Climate Change Reconsidered”, see here.

A Recommended Website:

Good Riddance to the Good Old Days

There are those who wish to return us to the “Pre-Carboniferous Era” before we started to use coal and petroleum, and when the world ran on “green” energy.

I lived in the end of that era, and I do not want to go back. Stories and pictures from those times can be found here:

The Media Release below has constructive suggestions for World Environment Day, Friday 5th June. As always, we hope you will help the debate by spreading this newsletter and the release around.

“Back to the Horse and Sulky?

A statement/letter by Mr. Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition.
On World Environment Day 5 June 2009

If environmentalists were really concerned for the environment, they would spend time on World Environment Day worshipping carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, not demonizing it.

All life in the biosphere depends on the carbon cycle.

The cycle starts when plants using solar energy and photosynthesis extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere converting it into plant sugars and proteins. In that process, plants provide food for all herbivores (and vegetarians) and also for the carnivores that live on them. Plants extract carbon from the carbon dioxide and return oxygen to the atmosphere for the use of animal life. To complete the carbon cycle, the waste products and decaying bodies of all living things return the carbon to the atmosphere. Atmospheric CO2 is the key element in the cycle of life and worthy of worship on World Environment Day.

Life on earth evolved in times when CO2 levels were about 400% higher than at present. The current level of 386 ppm is not far above the 200 ppm level at which plants stop growing because of carbon dioxide starvation. Nurserymen know this and use gas burners to increase the CO2 level in their greenhouses and plant nurseries to 1,000 ppm or more. If the atmosphere reached this level there would be massive improvement in plant growth, with benefits for the whole environment. There is no danger to humans at this level - the CO2 levels in submarines may reach 8,000 ppm without problems for humans, and our exhaled breath has about 40,000 ppm of CO2.

Warmth, increased evaporation from the oceans, increased precipitation and increased CO2 would be the magic combination for a greener planet. Burning fossil fuel adds CO2 and water to the atmosphere, and helps to return the world to the verdant conditions prevailing when our great coal deposits were formed.

However most environmentalists, in their hatred of humanity and technology, are trying to take us back to the days of the horse and sulky. They extol the simple life where a few lucky people lived in a Garden of Eden with no nasty cars, trains, planes, engines or electricity.

Our pioneering ancestors lived such a life, and one grandmother summarized the feeling of many of them on “The Good Old Days” when she said:

“Thank God the good old days are over.”

Here is a true story about life on a genuine “green” farm in the horse and sulky days.

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