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Sep 17, 2009

David Bellamy,” Carbon dioxide: “world’s best friend.”

David Bellamy was a popular figure on television until he upset the powers that be by taking an opposing view on global warming. Here he is:

Carbon dioxide: David Bellamy says “world’s best friend”; Nick Smith says “pollutant.”

“Within days of the distinguished British environmentalist, Dr David Bellamy reminding New Zealanders that carbon dioxide is the world’s best friend, a desperate local politician has described it as a pollutant and proposes to cripple our economy with charges for its emissions.” …

“In their zeal to confuse the public, politicians like Minister Smith use the term ‘carbon’ when they are referring to the odourless, colourless gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) that comprises just 3.62% of so-called ‘greenhouse’ gases in the atmosphere, of which just 3.4% is human caused, meaning that the human contribution of CO2 to the greenhouse effect is a miniscule 0.123%, the equivalent of 12 cents in $100.

The full article is worth the read.


  1. Ah. Global Whining, one of my favorite pet peeves. This guy is soooooo right that the eco-kooks won't come out and openly debate the issue.

    From April..."Everything Algore the Goracle spews forth about global warming is gleefully reported as the Gospel truth and never questioned by the Lamestream Media. Thus, it should come as no surprise that when Gore was to debate before the US Congress Lord Christopher Monckton, British science advisor to the Iron Lady, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Dems in Congress quickly shut the Brit down and refused to even let him into the chambers, let alone testify. Undoubtedly because Al's junk science wouldn't stand up to any real scrutiny. The Goracle's one-sided "testimony" was widely reported, but the MSM never uttered a peep about muzzling the Brit."

  2. Regrettably the press have become full time uncritical advocates of just about every trendy left wing cause going. The left is able to do pretty much whatever they like in the knowledge that their more embarrassing antics will not be reported.