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Feb 27, 2010

George Will speech at CPAC.

Brilliant and witty speech here by George Will. He really ridicules the Obama administration - "They can envision a world without the internal combustion engine, but not one without Chrysler."

He also has a few words to discomfort those who fondly remember the Bush administration through rose colored glasses. While it is hugely important to toss out the present lot, and any sort of objective reality makes it clear that only the Republicans are in a position to do this, it would be tragic if the Party fails to recognize that their own stupidity and big spending, big government policies were a significant part of what cost them the election.

There is not much point in changing a bad government for one that is little, if any better. The Republicans have a lot of work to do if they wish to get the fiscal conservatives, and the socially tolerant libertarian element out to vote in November. To achieve this there will have to be genuine changes in attitude, philosophy, policies, as well as the removal of some of the Parties big spending elitists.

You cannot rely on the Democrats to do it all for you.

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