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Feb 8, 2010

“Time to go on the Offensive.”

Moving Cattle at Helen Springs, NT. Will cities get their food using Solar Powered Road Trains?

By Mr Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition.

Like the British Eighth Army in North Africa in the 1940’s, climate realists have been in continual retreat since the Climate War started.

Led by Al Gore’s trained regiments using Nobel prize gunpowder, backed by academic and government snipers using manipulated temperature data, financed by endless convoys carrying tax payer funds, reinforced by a steady barrage of scare forecasts from the media and legislative carpet bombing from pliant politicians, the Green Army looked invincible.

But suddenly the tide turned.

What started with the Climategate scandals was followed by the defeat of the Ration-N-Tax Scheme in the Australian Senate and the defeat of the IPCC in Copenhagen. Then we had the IPCC fraud regarding Himalayan glaciers and the serial failures of the weather forecasts from the alarm-promoting British Met Office. Now data manipulation scandals are unfolding in USA, New Zealand and Australia.

And finally, with the sound defeat of a key Obama Senate candidate in USA, we are seeing the end of the climate equivalent of the long Battles of El Alamein.

We hope Churchill’s comment is apt today:

“Before Alamein we never saw a victory.

After Alamein we never saw a defeat.”

We must not relax after these small victories. In Australia, the Rudd/Wong/Turnbull Axis will never surrender. Already there is talk that the Greens, supported by Turncoat Liberals may allow the Ration-N-Tax Scheme to pass in the Australian Senate.

It is time to go on the offensive.

What can we do?

We must alert people in politics, business, government, media and the unions that they face a revolt of their supporters, shareholders, consumers, customers, employees and staff if they provide uncritical support for the global warming agenda. Specifically:

We must tell every politician who votes for any legislation based on the disgraced propaganda from the IPCC that he/she will be relentlessly punished in pre-selections, elections and fund raising. Let them know that we will actively work to replace them with more rational politicians and parties. 

There is a political sea change coming and those politicians and parties who do not switch in time will be swept out with the tide. (David Cameron, the green “leader” of the UK Conservative Party has just discovered that his new candidates rank “climate change” as their lowest priority. His future is now insecure.)

Warn business interests hoping to profit from the global warming gravy train that determined people will derail that train. Any company relying on political support, price subsidies, market mandates or carbon taxes to provide the profit stream from investment in artificial industries like carbon trading, carbon credits, wind farms, solar power, carbon sequestration or bio-fuels must be warned of the very substantial risks to such investments. 

Write to the directors of every such company. Spell out to each director the risk of shareholder legal action or sudden withdrawal of political support for such reckless speculations. Directors should ensure that the investment merit stands up without political cosseting, because the political supports will surely be kicked out in the cleanup to come. 

We must warn union leaders that they should expect a revolt from their members when the hidden costs of the global warming agenda start hitting their jobs and pockets. 

We need to protest to headmasters and their masters whenever we see global warming scare campaigns being used to brainwash our kids and grandkids. Let’s see some facts and evidence presented impartially. Let’s demand that Goreist propaganda be removed from the curriculum.

In the MEDIA.
Let the media know there is a constituency out there for climate realism and carbon sense. Put the heat on the green media heartland in places like the ABC and the Age. Do not buy or support alarmist media. Let the world know that you support rational journalists and publications. 

Warn those academics and bureaucrats who produce scare forecasts on demand that they will be called to account for the damages they have caused. They also risk facing accusations or charges for fraud or misrepresentation. 

Take the lead from people like Peter Spencer and use every weapon available against those who destroy or confiscate assets with changes in coastal zoning laws, bans on development, bans on clearing weeds and regrowth or sterilisation of farms and grasslands with declaration of political parks and non-development areas.

This battle will be international and Australia, Canada and United States are key battlegrounds. …

“Rudd – Promising Poverty or Blowing Hot Air?”

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that Australian PM Rudd was either promising poverty for his grandkids or blowing hot air.

The Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said that in Copenhagen, PM Rudd advocated cutting production of carbon dioxide by at least 20% by 2050.

“However, back in Canberra, PM Rudd says Australia’s population will increase from 22M now to 36M by 2050.

“A bit of simple maths shows that he thinks our grandkids can exist on just half the carbon energy per person that we use now.

“But the PM also promises a nation building program of rail, road, and port construction. What fuels are all these new vehicles going to use? Is he expecting nuclear powered trains, solar powered trucks and wind powered bulk carriers?

“The Copenhagen Rudd is promising a poverty stricken future for our grandkids. Or maybe the Canberra Rudd is just a lot of hot air.”

Read Dr Walter Williams on the Global Warming Religion.

For a good summary of the Global Warming Debate listen to John Coleman of the Weather Channel.

For the unfolding story on how temperature records have been manipulated worldwide to enhance the Global Warming story see here.

Finally, make sure you swell the crowd at one of the Monckton-Plimer meetings around Australia.

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