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May 21, 2010

Idiocy and the need to be in charge.

I can identify with the following story as of late I have been involved in the management of a project, and one of my responsibilities is the development of SWI’s, (Safe Work Instructions.) One of the those I will have to develop, (they are not just written, that sounds so passé, ‘developed’ sounds much better,) is one on “Chucking and Un-chucking the rig.”

To those who are uninitiated in the drilling game this sounds pretty technical, but in fact means, doing up and undoing three nuts. It can probably be covered by as Homer Simpson would say, “Do them up, undo them, do them ….” The problem with this is not that it is hard to explain, but that the people in management behind me, (or as they would say, above me,) expect me to come up with at least 5-6 pages of technical bullshit that will, in the event of some dickhead stuffing it up, cover their arses.

My mate Bawb is a rugged individualistic type of guy who lists in his pretty comprehensive resume, service in the US military. I have to be pretty impressed by this but he probably, like so many of his Tea Party mates doesn’t understand how much old nanny has been taking care of him during that time. He probably didn’t think while he was enjoying a brownie, just how much care and attention went into the making of it.

The US Military has come up with a document, which details the recipe for "Cookies, oatmeal, and brownies, chocolate coated," which takes 26 pages to complete.

Fair dincum, I’m not kidding, you just can't make this stuff up.

By the time you have done it you have lost your appetite.

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