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May 22, 2010

Libertarian Republican hits the big-time.

I tend to derive a great deal of pleasure from seeing friends do well, be it in business, personal life, or realizing a dream. I was thrilled when my old mate Al over in the Catskills found he was sitting on a massive gas field and stood to make a fortune.

Eric Dondero over at Libertarian Republican has worked tirelessly on his site and in the cause of liberty for a long time, and has been rewarded for some time with an extensive readership, as well as being quoted and linked by both news media and major sites. He has in fact become an authoritative source of breaking news.

Now he has made it to the HuffPo shitlist. Howling about his tendency to be a little intemperate in his language at times, they came up with an article devoted to what an absolute unmitigated, radical, unfettered free market supporting, capitalistic bastard he is. On our side it just doesn’t get any better than that, unless you get mentioned in the "Pricks we should all hate" section of the NYT or get to be number 1 on Olbermann's "Worlds worst People."

The author wrote an item on being taken to task by a restaurant owner when he tried to engage him in leftie politics. This dirt bag went on to lament:

Our conversation left me rather depressed because he was so absolutely certain of his own position, and so well armed with his own set of facts that there was no point in discussing it with him at all.
Note the condescending “his own set of facts” as if those facts supporting the other side are inferior. Leaving him feel rather depressed is pathetic; the guy needs to, harden up a bit, put in a ‘hurt feelings report’ (maybe it was), or ring some bastard dumb enough to care. Then this:
The restaurant owner represents a growing chorus of obviously educated Americans who honestly believe that the fiscal crisis facing the nation is a result of high taxes and government spending. These people make up the intellectual foundation for movements like the Tea Baggers and the Ron Paul Libertarians. While well intentioned (at least some of them), they are utterly misguided, wrong and dangerous to the economy.
Image: The Peoples Cube.

Apart from showing his ignorance of economics, believing as he does that ideology trumps the natural order of the marketplace, he then goes on to the tired old Rahm talking point of referring to the Tea Partiers as “teabaggers,” as if that is somehow going to make them go away. Then there is the obligatory reference to dangerous Ron Paul libertarians.

He like the rest of the left demonstrates the current fixation of his ilk in attempting to accuse any opponent of racism:

Eric made the comment:
Taxation is theft. Government is coercion, when you get right down to it. What right does the government have to put a gun to my head and steal from me to support some moocher who wants to sit on their damn couch all day long, munch on Cheetos and watch Oprah Winfrey?
In his bitch session about Eric on this subject the writer attempts to suggest race is part of the issue along with the obvious attempts to smear Ron Paul with:
There's usually nothing sadder than a middle aged angry white man venting on the internet about how 'the government stole my wages and gave it to black welfare mothers', but the fact that Dondero actually worked for a main stream political candidate (for President, no less), is actually quite disturbing.
Lefties are pathetic, the moment they are challenged they enter full hue and cry mode about how terrible the right are. They appear oblivious as to the viciousness of their own side which at its most sincere is scumbag vile.

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