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Jul 23, 2010

Gillard: would you buy a used school building from this woman.

I have mentioned the BER scheme before when it was found that hundreds of thousands of dollars was wasted on improving schools earmarked for closure. Taxpayers should be as mad as hell. It is more like the "Doh"! scheme.


  1. Sigh, the latest Newspoll shows that she will be governing Australia for the next three years. I can see it now, there will be the imminent honeymoon for a few months or so and then the eventual backlash from the majority will begin, just like what QLD saw when Anna Bligh won in 2009 and the same with Morris Iemma in NSW in 2007.

    I spent seven weeks overseas in April and May this year, five of them in North America. What I love about the Americans is that they are not shy about taking risks and are very decisive. In most cases, when there is a bad government, bang! The people vote them out. Where as here in Aus, our very conservative nature and the mentality of 'giving 'em a fair go' sees us giving bad governments years of power.

  2. Yes Alex, there is a great deal to be said for fixed terms and these would eliminate the hoary old excuse that the election was called to remove all that unhealthy speculation on the possibility of an early election.

    I have a feeling that things may be a lot closer than it appears at the moment, especially if Gillards minders take their eyes off her for long enough for her to come out with something original. The state Labor governments are all on the nose and the Bligh one here makes Labor as popular as a dose of clap.

    It will be interesting times.

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