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Jul 12, 2010

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Hilarious (from Carbon Sense)

Cartoon: Nate Beeler.

The following is the latest collection of Climate Change snippets from Viv Forbes, who to the uninitiated is the Chairman of The Carbon Sense Coalition. Viv is a regular contributor here, but for more information I recommend his site which is linked above.

Skeptical books – the trickle becomes a flood.

Climate Change Lunacy

A new book, critical of the climate change establishment, is additionally noteworthy because the author, Mark Lawson, is a senior journalist who writes on environmental matters for the Australian Financial Review.

A Guide to Climate Change Lunacy: bad forecasting, terrible solutions. Mark Lawson, Connor Court Publishers, paperback, 286 pages. $29.95.

Climate the Counter Consensus

Professor Bob Carter from Townsville is one of the tireless and consistent voices for climate realism. Here the ABC “Counterpoint” discusses his new book.

And now for the news.

Wind Power Explodes.

Here is a graphic example of the power in wind. The problem is, harnessing it to produce the power we want, when we want it.

The Great Wall of Queensland

GIANT sea walls may have to be built and coastal developments banned or demolished to safeguard southeast Queensland against rising sea levels, Australia's peak scientific body has warned.

The CSIRO has also flagged the prospect of controversial "planned retreat" policies to force waterfront residents to abandon their homes as sea levels rise and storm surges increase.

The grim predictions have been made at a world-first "climate adaptation" conference on the Gold Coast opened recently by Climate Change Minister Penny Wong. International scientists at the conference say climate change is now impossible to stop and the world will have to learn to adapt to rising sea levels, prolonged droughts and extreme weather.

In another forum, a key UN scientist has warned that more refugees will knock on Australia's door unless rich countries help poorer nations cope with climate change.

With our new wall, maybe Queensland will be safe?

Good News from Britain

A survey by the BBC in February 2010 found that only 26 percent of Britons believed that “climate change is happening and is now established as largely manmade,” down from 41 percent in November 2009. (Elizabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, 24 May 2010).

Environmental Extremism turns a Young Family's Dream into a Nightmare
By Dale Stiller

It is with mixed emotions that I send out this message.

Sadness that what you will see in these two videos has been allowed to happen in this country; a sadness that is intensified with the knowledge that the same disregard, intimidation and abuse has been perpetrated on many other good people.

The young family that you will see in these videos are good people; I have met them in person at the recent Property Rights Conference in Emerald.

But along with sadness I do believe there is hope. These videos have been published by one of the most influential journalists in Australia, Andrew Bolt, who is a newspaper columnist, has his own radio show, regular TV spots and runs the biggest blog in Australia.

Here is Bolt's article entitled “Green Laws and a Dead Business:

To hear the story of Matt & Janet Thompson in two parts see: Part 1 and Part 2

CCNet – regular news on Climate Policy.

This great report is published often by the Global Warming Policy Foundation edited by Dr Benny Peiser.

CCNet gives you all the news on the politics, economics and shenanigans of the Global Warming industry.

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The Last Word

A burglar broke into Parliament House one night and pushed a knife against the chest of a well-dressed man in one of the corridors. 
“Give me your money,” he demanded.

“Hang on a minute,” said the well-dressed man, “don’t you know who I am? I’m a senior government minister.”

“In that case,” said the burglar, “give me MY money.”

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