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Oct 16, 2010

Darwin Awards future recipient.

The Darwin Awards are described thus:
Named to honor Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by (accidentally) removing themselves from it. The Award is generally bestowed posthumously.

Here is a guy who is displaying at an early age a remarkable talent in that area, and while he didn’t make the grade this time he is definitely on the right track.

Sonia W is not alone in thinking her brother is an idiot.

He himself agreed and for that reason, Adrian, 18, was too ashamed to face his father, whose shed he burned down on Wednesday night. …

Glaring at Adrian from across the property yesterday, Tony W told The Gympie Times “idiot” was not a strong enough word for his son. …

Admittedly, it was “not the brightest thing” Adrian had ever done. He had been draining fuel from an old car inside the shed to light a bonfire and while doing so, he flicked a lighter to see what he was doing.

Full story here.

I have seen some stupid things over the years. One family I knew used to light the fire with kerosene, not explaining to their young son that there were dangers involved. When the fire was nearly out he put more wood on it and did what he had seen dad doing and nearly burnt the house down. Fortunately he was not injured. On another occasion I saw another guy in the heat of middle of the Northern Territory summer pouring petrol into a motor with a cigarette in his mouth and the fumes spreading around him.


  1. That's hilarious. It's a wonder that more people aren't killed.

  2. How the hell you can be under a car and start a fire with petrol and still get out alive defies belief.