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Oct 27, 2010

O‘Donnell a sound candidate.

H/t Libertarian Republican.

The way Christine O’Donnell is treated in the media generally portrays her as some sort of really weird dithering idiot. The following clip should dispel this notion, and give a fairly good idea of the reason the Dems are concentrating on the past rather than try to deal with her on policy issues. She is smarter than them.

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen the Democrats go completely negative in their advertising in a desperate attempt to move the minds of voters away from the real issues.

This is why the electorate is bombarded with rot about what she said in a comedy show ten years ago, positions she has held in the past and so on. It is also the reason Conway has tried to get the minds of Kentucky voters onto what Rand Paul did at school. Today some hysteric congresswoman has been protesting over Allen West having a column in a bikers magazine, Allen having a handy lead in the race.

Democrats are losing, and losing big over their policies and the damage those policies have done and their failure to make New Deal on steroids work. The last thing they want is a debate on the issues.

This race can still be won and I doubt that O’Donnell will give up. The most debilitating drag on the effort has been the reaction of the establishment Republicans to her primary win where Rove spat the dummy and made uncalled for derogatory remarks that hurt the campaign more than anything the Democrats could have done.

Mike Castle was a bad choice for the party chiefs to put up at any time, being more liberal than the worst of the blue dogs, but to do so in a year where the grass roots are calling the shots has to amount to crass stupidity. While it is generally assumed that Castle could have had a better chance of winning, with the economy in the danger that it is at present there is little point in winning with someone who is to the left of Arlen Specter and less reliable.

The GOP will need to have a serious rethink of who they place in positions of influence in future.


  1. I can attest to Conway's desperate turn to personal attacks. They were all over the air at one time here in KY. Though, that's a sign Rand is winning.

  2. I feel pretty confident myself, although living in Australia we tend to get the news through a left wing filter.

    I am really looking forward to 2012-14 when a higher proportion of Dems from 06 and 08 come up for election. 10 is the reelection year for those from the last good year for the GOP, so we have a lower proportion of Dems than we can expect to trounce later.