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Dec 14, 2012

Crowder challenges union thug to fight

During and since the passage of ‘right to work’ legislation in Michigan, union thugs have done their worst in order to disrupt proceedings. Their main achievement of their actions was to give the public a real demonstration of why their power has to be broken in order to allow civilization to take its place.

 Demonstrators at one stage dropped the tent occupied by Americans for Prosperity on the people inside it, luckily not causing any injuries. Conservative commentator, Steven Crowder attempted to intervene but was punched in the face several times by one unionist while another was clearly heard on video threatening to kill him.

 Gateway Pundit is now reporting that Crowder has challenged the thug, who has now been identified to a Mixed Martial Arts style fight with the proceeds going to charity:
It is to be hoped that Crowder is not just mouthing off and is capable of carrying this off. It would be nice to see the offender go into the ring and cop a flogging.

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