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Dec 31, 2012

Farage’s upbeat New Year address

Eric over at Libertarian Republican has made a good find, the New Year’s address by UKIP leader Nigel Farage giving an upbeat message of the party’s prospects for next year. Polling is now indicating that the party has replaced the British Liberal Democrats as the third party of choice there and is making significant progress with its moderate libertarian message.

 UKIP has made serious inroads into the support from both sides of the spectrum and moved into the mainstream of British politics, forcing both the Labour and Conservative leaders to respond, which gets them past the situation where smaller parties get ignored. It also leads to the possibility of the majors moving to adopt some of their policies, thus improving the whole.

 He has forecast campaigning on abolishing tax on the minimum wage and cutting the soul, employment, and business destroying red tape that overwhelms the private sector of the economy. Both are good red meat issues.

The statement on immigration negates the racist tag often thrown at them in attempts to tar them with the image of the BNP. While acknowledging the legitimacy of their desire to seek better lives, he rejects the unsustainable idea that they should have them at the expense of the British taxpayer through government handouts, free housing and jobless benefits.

 UKIP is a party with fairly strong libertarian principles, having absorbed some elements of the LPUK however the two should not be confused. LPUK can be found here:

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