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Mar 4, 2013

Parliamentary committee; No Sharia, not here, not now, not ever

Image: Islamic mother at a demonstration takes a photo of her child to send to the folks back home to assure them that he is being brought up the right way. In her defence she claimed she is not radical or stupid, in fact she is a twenty eight year old university graduate who simply didn't know what the word 'behead' means.

An Australian bipartisan parliamentary report has ruled out any acceptance of Sharia law in the nation now and into the future.  Former Attorney General, Robert McClelland had ruled out the idea of allowing it to intrude into Australian law, which gave us some assurance for a while.
Unfortunately, he was replaced after the last Rudd challenge to Gillard with Nicola Roxon who has little in common with Australian thinking and is essentially a left wing ideologue.  This raised the specter of some sort of back door entry of theocratic law into this country as an extension of rational law.  One buzzword being used is legal pluralism, which demands that religious law be allowed in arbitration.
Fortunately, this is now ruled out: 
ISLAMIC law and polygamous marriages will be denounced as forever unacceptable in Australia in a bipartisan parliamentary report that will define what multiculturalism means for our nation, and state there must be only "one law for all". 
The report -- the result of a two-year investigation into Australia's multicultural strategy -- is understood to be critical of the limited access migrants have to English language training and the lack of cultural awareness shown by employers and the federal employment recruitment agency. 
It is also understood to make the recommendation that a national multicultural research centre be established, funded by the federal government and run independently. The centre's chief role will be to conduct research on how communities are integrating and identify their needs. … 
The report will be delivered within weeks after the committee -- dominated by Labor and Coalition MPs but including the Greens -- agreed on a number of policies. However, the Coalition MPs are likely to make some "additional comments" in the report to make it clear where their views are different from those of Labor MPs. The Coalition MPs' key point will be that some of the Labor initiatives -- including the new national research institution -- will cost taxpayers more money than may be unaffordable "in this economic climate". 
Coalition MPs are also concerned Labor has been too keen to paint migrants and refugees as "victims" and wants to ensure that they agree only to a pathway of "integration".The committee was confronted with a range of Islamic views, including a submission from the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, which argued that Muslims should enjoy "legal pluralism". 
In an interview, the organisation's president, Ikebal Adam Patel, who wrote the submission, nominated family law and specifically divorce as areas where moderate interpretations of sharia could co-exist within the Australian legal system. 
The multiculturalism review also received one submission calling for polygamous marriages to be considered. 
The committee has come to the view these more radical ideas should be rejected, explaining that a multicultural society would not tolerate them.
Sharia is probably one of the worst forms of oppression that exists in the world today.  If the law of the land is considered oppressive to any citizen of a country, he or she can seek a nation that has laws more in common with the beliefs  of that person.  This is not the case with Sharia, which demands a death sentence for any who reject Islam and consequently its laws.

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