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Mar 4, 2013

Piers Morgan nears the end

Cartoon: Tim Campbell 
Since the Sandy Hook killings of schoolchildren, Piers Morgan has taken the lead in the media on the issue of gun control, equalling or surpassing Biden and Obama, as well as some of the more incoherent legislators.  While other media shills have been mentioning other matters favourable to the Administration, Piers has been single-mindedly pursuing his perceived need to disarm the American people.
George III would have been proud of him. 
His attempts at bullying, browbeating, talking over those making valid points, and even shouting at quests who disagree have not gone over well with viewers who are switching channels in droves.  He now has some of the lowest ratings on TV:
The February 28th episode of Piers Morgan Tonight ... suffered a yearly low in the key 25-54 demographic with only 87,000 viewers. ... 
Piers Morgan Tonight also had the lowest demo in its time slot and was even beat by HLN’s Dr. Drew (with 208,000). 
It's important to point out that while Morgan's ratings were up, they were only up when compared to his colleagues on CNN. For a time, Morgan was on top at a network on the bottom. Whoo-hoo! 
Presenting only one side of all stories will work fine for low information viewers, but terminating all others with extreme bias will simply turn them off.  Morgan is a spent force.

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