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Jul 31, 2013

Kevin Rudd unmasked

The new incarnation of Kevin Rudd appears to be trying to appear something like the description of Earth in ‘The hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy’, “Mostly harmless.” Looking back on his record reveals that nothing could be further from the truth.

The real Kev is more slippery than a greasy pig, more evasive than ‘Arthur Daley’ from ‘Minder’, more persuasive than a snake oil salesman, and deadlier than a Taipan. Most of the problems he claims to have the fix for, he caused in the first place, but is barefaced enough to pretend that it is not the case.

Here is possibly the best exposé of Rudd ever put together:


Note; his current Immigration Minister, Tony Burke saying that, for his colleagues, he just became impossible to work with. It is possible that having someone like Tony in his cabinet who has less principles than himself is a plus, but not much of one.

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