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Jul 2, 2013

Senator Cash: how a real woman stands up for herself

Cartoon: Mark Knight; Source Herald Sun 
One of the major factors bringing the Gillard government into disrepute, other than blatant untruths, profligacy, mismanagement, class warfare, and dysfunctionallity, (just to name a few) was playing the victim card in her gender war.  It was probably an adaption of President Obama’s race card.
The faintest hint of a nuance of anything that might be even slightly inferred as holding a trace of something that could be even remotely indicative of a codeword for any perceived negative reference to womanhood would have the Prime Minister and her ‘handbag hit squad’ in histrionics.
During the speech in reply to the Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Bill by Senator Michaelia Cash, Labor Senator Don Farrell called a point of order claiming that she was exceeding the decibel limit for the house (about the two minute mark). Were a female Labor Senator to be interrupted by a Liberal in the same manner, all hell would break loose in the Senate, the House of Reps and the entire left wing media. Senator Cash simply took the attack to the government though:

No whining, no victimhood; just a slashing attack on Labor: 
If you want to talk about exceeding decibel levels, I wonder how loud former Prime Minister Gillard screamed when her own sisterhood knifed her in the back and took her out. Minister Wong is now sitting, reaping the spoils of the victory, drinking from the chalice of blood—Ms Gillard's own sisterhood took her out. 
Where is EMILY's List when you need them? There goes EMILY's List now, walking up to the table. This is what the sisterhood in the Labor Party do. They take out one of their own because they did not have the guts to take the former Prime Minister, Ms Gillard, to the election. They did not have the guts to have her face the Australian people. …
This is the way to do it!

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