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Feb 17, 2014

Extreme cold blamed on global warming

Image: Courtesy, Breitbardt

We are becoming accustomed to being berated by warming frantics over any uncomfortable weather event being the result of ‘man made climate change’, global warming, or whatever term is deemed appropriate these days.  These include droughts, floods, bushfires, and now, cold winters.
Recently a group of grandstanding warmists attempting to revisit Mawson’s 1911 expedition inadvertently revised Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ trip by getting trapped in sea ice.  One of the explanations offered was that because of global warming the excessive melting of Antarctic ice had freshened the seawater to the point where it froze into sea ice at a higher temperature.
We have since been offered a similar sounding explanation for the lull in temperature rise over the past seventeen years.  Apparently GW has caused stronger trade winds, which have turned the oceans over, burying the warm water underneath and bringing cooler water to the surface.
Guest Michio Kaku, a physics professor from New York City College--not a climatologist, but a physicist--claimed that the "wacky weather" could get "even wackier" and its all because of global warming. "What we're seeing is that the jet stream and the polar vortex are becoming unstable. Instability of historic proportions. We think it's because of the gradual heating up of the North Pole. The North Pole is melting," professor Kaku said. 
"That excess heat generated by all this warm water is destabilizing this gigantic bucket of cold air... So that's the irony, that heating could cause gigantic storms of historic proportions," the prof explained. 
This was all because of global warming, Rose insisted. …
The excuses are getting sillier and are running out.

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