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Jun 5, 2014

Real ‘pork cutter’ wins Iowa GOP senate primary

Joni Earnst has won the Iowa primary with 53% of the vote, confounding pollsters and pundits who maintained that she would get less than the 35% needed to avoid a runoff. During her campaign, she produced one of the most outstanding ads we have seen, sending PC bedwetters into a lather:


  1. I'm thinking of sending her a shiny new castrating knife.

    1. That sounds like a totally appropriate and thoughtful gift Bawb. I hope she puts it to good use; she sounds like she will. Our new senator, David Leyonhjelm has looked it over and thinks he can use it given that he is a vet.

      I'm reminded of the time the wife and I bought our first house, which was on a neglected block where the paddock was overrun with whipstick wattle so thick you could barely push through it.

      I headed down to the hardware store and grabbed an axe, brush-hook, grubber, and a crow bar and took them to the counter. The store owner looked it over and remarked, "Wife's birthday Jim?"

    2. Now that's funny, Jim. My wife thought so too. And yet another good reason to live out in the sticks.

      Many moons ago, back in simpler times when we had to distribute dirty jokes between factory workers around the country via faxes, there was a gag going around "You might be from Iowa if..." and one of them I still remember was, "You've ever peeled an apple with your castrating knife just to make your wife queasy."

      It all makes for good stories, but to be honest we usually just used box cutters.

      Except for the time my friend Paul didn't get around to castrating his hogs until they were up between 100-150 pounds. I don't think any of us would have survived that if we all hadn't been still in our 20's and heavy drinkers at the time.

      As for castrating in Washington D.C., I don't think it would work. There was another old saw about how surgeons found politicians to be the easiest patients to work on; no balls, no brains, no guts, no spine and the head and the ass are interchangeable.