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Apr 16, 2008

Hillary and Obama flip flop on guns.

Hillary and Obama are trying to avoid taking a position that will alienate either side in Pennsylvania on the issue of gun control, according to CBS News.

One of the strongest opponents of gun control, the National Rifle Association, has 250,000 members in Pennsylvania, more than in any other state. This month the Pennsylvania House soundly defeated a bill to require handgun owners to report the theft or loss of their guns to police.

As the state's hotly contested April 22 primary approaches, the Democratic presidential candidates have struggled to avoid alienating either side, to the point of pandering.

Unlike most members of Congress, neither senator has taken a position on the historic case before the U.S. Supreme Court over whether the District of Columbia's ban on handguns violates the Constitution's Second Amendment.

Democrats have shied away from gun control since 2000, when they blamed presidential and congressional losses in part on their aggressive stance at the time.

Clinton that year supported far-reaching measures including a federal mandate for state-issued photo gun licenses, as well as a national registry for handgun sales. Obama repeatedly backed tougher state gun controls as an Illinois lawmaker.

Such proposals have been brushed aside in favor of vague talk about “common sense” regulation and assertions by the candidates that they honor the Second Amendment.
‘Common sense’ is one of those terms that suit politicians as the picture formed by the listeners is of course framed by their own perceptions of what common sense is in relation to that issue, while the speaker can and probably does think something entirely different.

Obama assures people he has “no intention of taking away folks' guns,” However his past history denies him any credibility on this issue. It certainly is at odds with his remarks that embittered blue-collar voters “cling to guns and religion,” which gives a truer picture of his contempt for the sort of people who own guns.

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