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Apr 22, 2008

The Libertarian Republican Interview with Khalim Massoud of worldwide Muslims Against Sharia

This is an article From Libertarian Republican which Eric Dondero has been kind enough to offer, and for which I am greatful for the opportunity to spread it a little further.

Editor's Note - This interview was conducted by our Senior Editor Andrew Murhpy with great care for security. Khalim Massoud does not appear in public nor permit interviews at public forums, for fear of death threats from Radical Muslim extremists. We are thankful that Mr. Massoud took such risk to talk with LR Blog.

ANDREW: Khalim Massoud, thank you for taking the time to speak with Libertarian Republicans.

MASSOUD: Thank you very much for having me on your show.

ANDREW: Can you give our readers a brief background of who you are and why you felt the need to start up your organization, Muslims Against Sharia?

MASSOUD: I am one of several people who started “Muslims Against Sharia”. We felt that we had no voice. Western Muslim establishment that claims to represent all Muslims in the West is comprised of radicals; it certainly does not represent us or other moderate Muslims. On the other hand, Western non-Muslims have many misconceptions about Islam, the biggest misconception being that Muslim people are a monolith. That could not be farther from the truth. Islamic extremists are waging global Jihad to eliminate or subjugate Infidels whom they see as an enemy. 

However moderate Muslims are considered even a greater enemy by jihadis. One of the best-kept secrets in the war with Islamofascism is that Islamic extremists kill more Muslims than everybody else combined. Most Westerners often confuse Islam, the religion with Islamism, the political ideology. Yet other types, mostly found in media, academia and governments, refuse to acknowledge the threat of radical Islam and write off Islamic terrorism is perversion of Islam by a few misguided Muslims. Unfortunately, this is an absolute false. These “few misguided Muslims” are in the majority these days. To clear up the misconceptions about Islam was another reason we started our organization.

ANDREW: Being classified as a "moderate" Muslim is that something which bothers you? Do you agree with Christopher Hitchens that,”.... the anti-fascists of Islam, who have borne much of the heat and burden of the day, deserve a much more honorable title than that of "moderate".

MASSOUD: Not at all. I think “moderate Muslim” is a descriptive and widely accepted term. The term itself is fine, but it is often being misapplied. Many radicals call themselves moderates and media, academia and government representatives are often too lazy or too dumb to do a little research, so they keep repeating this nonsense. Terrorist fronts like CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, etc. are constantly being called moderates by many public figures, from local TV reporter to the head of the FBI and higher. Of course, Mr. Hitchens' term is much better; it is more descriptive and definitely more honorable. I hope it will be widely used in the near future.

ANDREW: You have mentioned in previous interviews that polls taken by your own website, indicated that nearly 20% of Muslims want you beheaded. Can you speak about the Islamo-Fascist mentality, which exists here in the USA?

MASSOUD: Poll numbers are fluid and at this point it looks like about a third of Muslim responders want us beheaded. However, our polls are open to anyone in the world, so we don't know where our “well-wishers” are actually from. I don't think that Islamofascist mentality in the USA is any different from Islamofascist mentality in Saudi Arabia. Muslim fundamentalists believe that it is their religious duty to wage Jihad to conquer the world. It is summed up very well in Muslim Brotherhood's credo: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the service of Allah is our highest hope." This is religious fanaticism at its worst. Human life has no value. If they have no compunction about blowing themselves and other Muslims up on the way to paradise, how much do you think infidel's life is worth? Especially considering that infidels and apostates (technically, people who left the faith, but in reality any Muslim who does not subscribe to radical vision of Islam) are regarded as less then human. The Koran is very clear about apostasy; it is punishable by death. 
While Islamic fundamentalists are religious fanatics, they are not stupid. They understand that at this point in time they cannot win militarily. That is why many radical Muslims say that reject terrorism. Not because they find it morally abhorrent, but because, in some instances it could be counter-productive. Democratic ways of taking over the West are much more effective. That is why we often see radical Muslim playing a victimhood card and equating Islamophobia with racism, a false premise that Dhimmi media is more than happy to perpetuate.

ANDREW: How are moderate Muslims, victims of radical Islam throughout the world? Isn't it true in places like Darfur and Algeria for example, it is Muslims who are being killed by the Bin Laddenists type extremists?

MASSOUD: Well, you pretty much answered your question. Due to geographic proximity as well as weak or corrupt law enforcement in Muslim countries, moderate Muslims are easy targets. And the media is also to blame. Muslim killing Muslim is not “sexy” enough for the news. That's why when thousands of Muslims are killed in Israel or tens of thousands of Muslims are killed in Iraq it is often front-page news. But when hundreds of thousands of Muslims are killed in Sudan, not many people seem to care. It would be funny if it weren't so sad that Arab-Israeli conflict defines modern conflicts involving Muslims, even though almost every other major conflict involving Muslims is a lot bloodier: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia, Chechnya, Darfur, etc.

ANDREW: You have on your website a link to -Freedom House Special Report about all the money that comes to the USA by Saudi money to fund Wahhabism. Most Americans have very little clue about all the Wahhabi-printed Korans that end up in our prison system, for example. Can you speak briefly about this all?

MASSOUD: Wahhabism as a prime example of extreme version of Islam. Unfortunately majority of the population of the Gulf countries, including people in Saudi Arabia practice Wahhabism. With oil being way over $100 a barrel, radical Muslims have virtually unlimited sources of money, but this danger is being ignored by most Westerners. American prison system is one of the many areas where Wahhabis are successfully recruiting new followers. It boggles my mind how stupid prison official should be to allow this process to go on. Al Qaeda is making no secret of the fact that they are actively seeking new members who don't look Middle Eastern or South Asian, but American prison officials seem to be totally oblivious to that fact.

ANDREW: Are you familiar with the story of Yaser Said the Egyptian Cab Driver who murdered his two daughters in cold blood in a Dallas suburb on New Years Day. How under played in the national media are stories about honor killings in the USA?

MASSOUD: Yes, I am familiar with this terrible tragedy. In fact, we have several posts on our blog dedicated to this issue. As for how underplayed honorcide stories are in the national media, compare the number of hours given to Elizabeth Smart or JonBenet Ramsey with the number of minutes given to Amina and Sarah Said or Aqsa Parvez and you've got your answer.

ANDREW: On to politics, how do you personally compare Obama in contrast to John McCain in fighting the War on Terror?

MASSOUD: Senator Obama is obviously a much weaker leader in terms of fighting the War on Terror. But what is really scary about Senator Obama is that he seems to be universally supported by every kind of radical Muslims, just as Congressman (Ron) Paul is supported by every kind of Nazis. Back in September 2007 we asked Senator Obama to denounce his al Qaeda supporters (, but we never heard back. When the people whom you are at war with clearly prefer one of the candidates, it is a pretty good indicator. Unfortunately many Americans do not seem to mind Islamofascists' affinity for Senator Obama.

ANDREW: Why do you suppose that individuals like yourself and others like Ayaan Hirsi Ali are largely ignored by liberals and many libertarians?

MASSOUD: Whether we like it or not, the media drives public opinion and it almost completely ignores ex-Muslims or moderate Muslims. The main reason is that Western Muslims establishment has unlimited financing and a great PR machine. That is why when a Muslim opinion is needed; the media calls on the Muslim establishment, ignoring moderate Muslims by default. The other reason is that people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali do not sugarcoat, and many in the media cannot handle the truth.

ANDREW: If Khalim Massoud were an advisor to any of the presidential candidates this fall, what would be a couple of national security issues that you would absolutely insist the candidates speak about?

MASSOUD: Number One would be to stop financing any radical Islamic entity. That would me ceasing doing business with any country, i.e., Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the like, that supports terrorism and revoking tax-exempt status from every terrorist front masquerading as an Islamic charity, i.e., CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MSA, etc. Number Two would be to stop treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue and start treating it as a military issue. That would mean that every Islamic extremist, including every person working for the aforementioned terrorist fronts, to be placed in prison until the War on Terror is over.

ANDREW: Last question, how optimistic are you that moderate Muslims will win the debate against Islamic Fascism?

MASSOUD: Islamic fascists have financial support from the Middle East and political support from the Western media and government officials. Moderate Muslims have neither. Unless the situation changes, we have no chance of winning anything. That is why we are trying to educate the public about the need to support moderate Muslims and to reject the radicals masquerading as moderates. We are also developing tools for Westerners to be able to differentiate between the moderate and the radicals.

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