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Apr 22, 2008

McCain, the Washington Post, Truthers, and Slow News Days.

The WaPo article “McCain: A Question of Temperament,” appears to be the greatest press beat up since the NYT effort, and the non-event of the week. It seems probable that before Michael Leahy turned up the front page was to be: -

Dog Chases Car
Democrats Demand Inquiry.
Mark Salter, a McCain aide interviewed for the article has stated that it is 99 % fiction and that much of what he said was ignored and some appears to have been misrepresented.

Now check this out: -

So that’s two down. Its starting to look rather tatty now, so how about three strikes and your out? One of the sources for the article is Karen Johnson whom McCain tried to block from a political job in Arizona and who later went on to become a state senator in Arizona.

Much was made of her complaints about John McCain. Johnson is actually used in the article's concluding paragraph with this (From National Review Online’s Media Blog) : -

One man's bulldozer is another's bully. "I don't think that he forgets anyone who ever opposed him, that he can ever really respect or trust them again," said Karen Johnson, the targeted secretary-turned-state senator. "That goes for people here and overseas."

While Googling her, however, I came across this that makes me question why she's a source for the article. She's a truther:

But legislators who voted against altering the memorial said they believe it needs to represent various viewpoints and feelings about the events leading up to and following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. And that, according to Sen. Karen Johnson, R-Mesa, includes the still-open possibility that Americans have yet to learn the full story.

"There's many of us," she said, "that believe there's been a cover-up," ranging from who was really behind the attacks to questions about whether what flew into the World Trade Center towers were pilotless drones and the passengers had been taken off beforehand.

"And there's a lot of statements on that 9/11 memorial that reflect a lot of our views that we have about it," Johnson said. "And I think all of those need to be represented."

She also accuses President Bush, and I assume John McCain with his push for immigration reform, of enacting a secret plan to merge the U.S. with Mexico:

A veteran Republican lawmaker is accusing President Bush of pushing a behind-the-scenes agenda that will result in the United States being merged with Mexico and Canada.

Sen. Karen Johnson, R-Mesa, said she believes the Security and Prosperity Partnership, being run out of the White House and the U.S. Department of Commerce, is little more than a secret plan to end U.S. sovereignty by 2010. And she said Congress is being kept in the dark until the point that it becomes a done deal.

Johnson, who will head the Senate Education Committee this coming session, said the signs already are there, from an “inland port” in Kansas City and construction of a superhighway corridor through Texas to the lack of any real action in building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

I suppose that apart from the fact that many of the so called ‘victims’ of his anger now supporting McCain that pretty much writes it off.

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