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Dec 25, 2008

Hey; It’s Christmas and I’m different.

This time it’s a bit like a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past, for some reason I thought this morning of some of my early Christmases, and got a bit nostalgic. Way back then after WW2 big families were the order of the day, and quite a few of them seemed to come to our place from all over.

We had one of those big old farmhouses with wide verandahs, and often there were up to about 20 kids and a heap of aunts, uncles, and older family members. Double beds were made up sideways to fit as many kids as possible while thee were beds on the verandahs for the rest. Christmas day saw the kitchen full, and food like you wouldn’t believe coming out of it. That reminds me, I haven’t tasted goose in a long time.

Anyway, looking around for something to post, I came across the following clip of Dr Strangelove, which kind of defined the era.

I guess it matches my rather dark sense of humor, hey I work underground. The music and images in the opening make it something special, somewhat contradictory, but the B52 has a beauty that kind of matches the music. 

Enjoy and stay safe.

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