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Dec 3, 2008

Parliament Silences Scientist; Turnbull fails to back him.

Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull; not worth feeding.

From Ron Kitching.

Dr Dennis Jensen, BAppSc (RMIT), MSc (Melb), PhD (Monash). MP, Member for Tangney (WA) is the only scientist in the Federal parliament.

He was elected to the House of Representatives for Tangney, Western Australia, 2004 and 2007.

On Tuesday, December 02, 2008 Andrew Bolt reported that a tabled document, pointing out that the regional models of global warming touted by the CSIRO are useless, a fact confirmed by other studies, was disallowed by the Federal Labor Party.

In other words they refused to hear what the only scientist in the entire parliament had to say on the matter relating to global warming.

Dr. Jensen remains unsupported by Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull, who is as keen as Rudd is to embark on an Emissions Trading Scheme Tax.

It will be a massive tax, wrecking Australian industry and imposing unprecedented costs upon the population. And all for nothing but to enhance Rudd’s reputation with the IPCC and Turnbull’s zeal for easy profit.

What with an unreported news release from Senator Boswell and now Dr. Jensen’s censored and silenced dissent against the nonsense of the global warming religion, surely other members and senators of principle will soon join the revolt.

Andrew Bolt reports Dr. Jensen’s effort in his column: -

Dr JENSEN» (Tangney) (8:10 PM) —I support the motion put forward—in particular real assessment of the scientific data. The global water cycle atlas based on the IPCC fourth assessment report climate models by Lim and Roderick was published this year, using the same dataset for precipitation models as used by the fourth IPCC report. In the 39 models examined, the Australian average precipitation from 1970 to 1990 varied from—get this—190.6 millimetres to 1,059.1 millimetres per year.

The observed annual precipitation for Australia over the 20th century falls in the range of 400 to 500 per year. Hence there were large differences between model simulated precipitation and observations.

Of the 39 model runs examined for the A1B scenario, 24 showed increases in Australian precipitation to the end of the 21st century while 15 showed decreases. The overall average across all model runs was for a small increase in Australian annual precipitation of eight millimetres per year by the end of the 21st century. Within that average, some models predict a drop in annual precipitation of as much as 100 millimetres per year—notably CSIRO—while others predict increases of the same order. Note that CSIRO is one of the most pessimistic models in terms of future rainfall predictions. Guess which model the Garnaut report relied on.

Much discussion of the Murray-Darling Basin relates to inflows. This is fair enough in terms of examining what is important, which is water in the system, but allows blame to be attributed to climate change. This is baloney, as can be seen by the Bureau of Meteorology rainfall charts, where it can clearly be seen that rainfall in the Murray-Darling Basin is normal. The reasons for reduced run-off are more plantations in the top of the catchments; catchment-wide drainage management plans put in place in the 1980s and 1990s to lower water tables and more efficient water use resulting in less leakage…

So much for the science being settled; we now have bad policy based on bad science… At present, green ideology is inhibiting the correct definition of the problem, and the Murray-Darling will continue to suffer as a result. Mr Deputy Speaker, I seek leave to table these documents.

Leave not granted.
Dr. Jensen has raised serious doubts as to the figures being used by climate change guru Garnaut and the federal government in relation to efforts to introduce the proposed emission-trading scheme, and the total failure of his parliamentary leader to back him is not only lacking in moral fiber but irresponsible. I have already pointed out Turnbull and the Liberal Party refused to back National Party senators on opposing carbon sink tax breaks which will cause massive disruption of food production and push agriculture out into marginal country, with resultant food price rises.

Under the leadership of Nelson and Turnbull the opposition have surrendered on almost every major plank that they previously supported. It is not the role of an opposition to oppose everything a government does good or bad, but we appear now to have no serious opposition whatsoever.

Turnbull has to be dumped before he wastes any more oxygen.

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