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Dec 16, 2008

'Stranded Polar Bear' media scam.

This video is a segment from Australia's Media Watch program on ABC, and presents the real story behind the image of polar bears 'stranded' on melting ice. The image has been used by many media outlets to push the 'threat' of global warming and by Al Gore in a presentation.

Media watch slams errors, plagiarism, sensationalism, and various other media follies, including on occasions, their own home the ABC. The polar bear story starts about one minute twenty in.


  1. Nice to see our ABC doing such a fine job. ;-)

  2. I have to give them a good mark on this one.

  3. I attended elementary school from 1960 to 1966. During this time we saw many geography films of Arctic regions. We learned that the Arctic has seasons like everywhere else and that ice melts when summer arrives. This information was common knowledge back then, but when I mention it to the foaming at the mouth "progressives," their usual response is to shout me down by calling me a "global warming denier" AND of course, the ubiquitous, "Nazi."

    The U.S. has been under a blanket of snow, with record low temperatures this past week. Places like Las Vegas and Malibu, which never see snow, all of a sudden had snowmen in residential yards. I have given up on growing a decent garden because recent summers have been too cold . Yet these mouth breathers still will not concede to "global warming" nonsense. Three days of 85 degree weather, and local tree huggers will complain about the "heat wave," and how we need to have immediate legislative action to stop the inferno that will be the demise of mankind. Bullshit! The only demise will be our freedom!

    Thanks for posting this video, Jim. Seems like this show is similar to our 20/20, hosted by libertarian, John Stossel

  4. its only about four weeks ago that I was snowed on at Hill End in New South Wales, and we are into our summer down here. The weather bureau reported snow about a week ago down south.

    I saw a report the other day that temperature readings are being influenced by lack of maintenance on temperature monitoring stations in the former Soviet Union since its collapse, resulting in two thirds of Siberian ones to cease operation.

    Others throughout the world are affected by localized warming caused by creeping urbanization.