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Mar 24, 2009

Biker Violence: More dangerous gangs in Canberra.

The Independent reports:

A biker war erupted in front of terrified travellers at Sydney airport yesterday as rival gang members fought a pitched battle inside the domestic terminal that ended in one man being bludgeoned to death. …

The government of New South Wales is coming under pressure to enact tougher legislation and clamp down on biker violence. There have been calls for the state to follow the lead of South Australia, which makes membership or association with outlawed clubs illegal, with a 10-year prison term for bikers who take part in group violence. …
Ron Kitching reports:

The rival Motor Cycle gangs have again been in the news. They can certainly be pretty vicious. But we have rival gangs in Canberra too, who do far more damage to the public than any motorcycle gang has ever done.

For instance if a person or a company is successful in business, they tax them heavily. One very successful Canberra gang leader introduced a consumption tax which he named the GST. That tax, taxes everybody, successful or not.

If in the course of exploring for minerals including oil and gas, a successful discovery is made, these gangs take a large slice, which they claim as a “royalty”. In the case of marginal deposits the royalty kills the project altogether.

Then there are some smaller gangs who claim that Mother Earth does not like holes being dug in her and they do their utmost to stop such projects. They have been very successful at lending support to other gangs in exchange for blocking these projects in many areas, in particular uranium mining.

Then when the gang perceives a rival gang in another country to be a danger to their existence, (whether they are or not), they send the Nation’s defense forces to attack the rival gang. Like the bikies, they use real bullets and so does the perceived enemy, so men and civilians on both sides get killed.

There has been talk of banning bikie gangs. Perhaps we ought to look at the larger picture and get rid of the lot of these life-threatening pests.


  1. Of Course the first government response is MORE powers for the police, because of course they are law abiding angels not breaking any known laws.

  2. Actually the first response is more power to government, but the police will have it handed on to them. This will give them the 'right' to regulate what sort of free associations the public can have.

    There are plenty of laws governing the criminal acts these people commit, there is no need for more.

    Bikie groups were mooting the possibility of forming themselves into a political party to circumvent the SA legislation. This is entirely undesirable, they are bad enough as it is, without being influenced by politicians.

  3. these gangs might be dangerous but they do what they do in order to survive even if it means beating people up or cheating them out of what they had and the cops are too dumb and stupid to get off their asses and stop what they are doing not all coppers are nice and polite in fact most of them are complete ass holes but at least they try their best to stop bad things from happening, i know all this i'm with the Kingz in Canberra LiL Mommii Bitchez