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Mar 1, 2009

Petition for Sarah.

After a little over a month of the Obama Presidency we are getting an insight into what is to come. Massive deficit spending, mainly on Democrat wish lists and moves to seize guns from law-abiding citizens are just the beginning. Americans are beginning to realize that they have been conned, lied to, and been defrauded even in their electoral practices.

Unless the press badly needs to be bailed out itself in 2012 even they will have to admit that the Obama presidency by that time will be the worst since FDR, and possibly worse than that of Andrew Johnson.

A petition has been organized to call on Sarah Palin to run for the office of President of the United States in 2012. The USA will desperately need a financially responsible President who supports the concept of smaller non-interventionist government to pull itself back from the brink of government conducted by those with such delusions of relevance that they believe that every aspect of life has to be regulated, supported, inspected, prohibited, subsidized, supervised, watched, directed, administered, spied on, or managed by them.

It is time for a return to common sense. Palin is the way to go.

The petition can be found here.


  1. Sarah has had her moment in the sun.She proved to be a millstone around the neck of McCain's campaign.

    We need someone who can bring more then school ma'mish sex appeal.One who can also handle the MSM.

    By the way my neighbor's 15 year old son looks at me maybe I could run. I'm also better educated and more traveled then Sarah.

    Yeaah Brianna for President!

  2. Judging by the press she is still having a very long "moment in the sun." Judging by the sporadic attacks from the left, she is still considered a threat by them.

    The McCain campaign was going nowhere at a fast clip until Palin came on board and energized it. The majority of the damage done to the McCain campaign was by the disloyalty of its own staffers who, on the assumption that the party would lose, started leaking like sieves to the press, to ensure that someone other than themselves took the blame.

    That in itself probably cost the GOP more states, more Congressional and Senate seats, and more down ticket losses than MSM and the rest of the leftie press ever could.

    The reputation of the press has taken a beating in the eyes of the public and deservedly so. People with a healthy disrespect for the press will still punish disloyalty, and the McCain campaign was disloyal.

    The joke was when one 'unnamed source' complained that Palin didn't trust them, he proved that she was if it was true, quite justified in this.

    Good luck with your neighbor's 15 year old son.