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Mar 27, 2009

Daniel Hannan slams Browns "Tomorrow the World" speech.

"Now never in recent years have we had an America leadership so keen to cooperate at all levels with Europe on financial stability, on climate change, on security, on development, and seldom has such cooperation been so obviously of benefit to the whole world.

So starting with the EU-US Summit a few days from now, when President Obama comes to Prague, we can transform that summit from just an annual meeting into an unstoppable progressive partnership to secure the global change that the world now needs." ..... Gordon Brown, speech to European Parliament
Daniel Hannan, MEP for South East England, gave a reply that left him without a feather to fly with. I have mentioned Hannan before and am very impressed with his ability to slice an issue to the bone, and leave authoritarians like Brown looking rather silly.

Shortly before Hannan spoke Nigel Farrage lashed Brown mercilessly.

Europeans have a long history of being completely hopeless when it comes to creating a free society; they just aren’t equipped to cope with it. The European form of government is an evolution of tribalism, so Europeans tend to look at the ideal of liberty as collective and by state permission, rather than the American concept of individualism. They don't tend to refer to it as 'liberty', preferring the term 'freedom' as the former tends to be seen by them as a bit extreme.

The American revolution put Washington into the Presidency, a man who established the principle of a two term limit as he maintained that no man should be entrusted with that sort of power for too long. In contrast look what Europe managed:

The British executed their king and installed the religious zealot, Cromwell in his place as a military dictator.

The French executed their king and created the reign of terror, eventually leading to Napoleon Bonaparte and bloodshed across Europe.

Russia executed their Czar and gave the world the Bolsheviks, along with Lenin and Stalin.

Germany got rid of the Kaiser and after some confusion presented the world with Hitler.

Spain gave us Franko, Italy; Mussolini.

We need to ask ourselves; “Are these the people to take a leadership role in world affairs, even with Brown trumpeting, “Unity from diversity?”


  1. I see a pattern emerging.

    Obama in the on Leno giggled and laugh at recitations of the impending disaster.

    Obama giggles and laughs manically during an "interview" to the point that a friend asks "Are you punch drunk?"

    Hannan and another at the MEP (missed the second man's name--Oh yes Nigel Farrage) Take Brown severely to task--and Brown grins, and laughs!

    Have the in Insane Asylums returned?

  2. I generally don't bother with the interviews; over here in Australia they don't normally make the news, even the Obama 'special Olympics' comment.

    They may be attempting to use the 'Hilary cackle' tactic in order to defuse criticism.

    On the other hand I note that the term, "babbling classes' is being increasingly used by those who consider themselves elite, to describe those of us they used to call "the great unwashed." They may just be genuinely amused that the 'lower classes' think they deserve to be listened to.

  3. I don't find the term "babbling classes" being used in the speeches under discussion, but I rest assured that if Mr. Hannan used the term, he used it in reference to the elitist communists that are running us into the ground.

  4. Hannan has as far as I am aware, never used the term, nor would I expect him to.

    I have seen it used recently on a couple of occasions by leading Democrats. I'll have to look into it again.

  5. How I wish someone in the U.S. Congress would have the guts to stand up and say what Daniel Hannan said. Just this speech would earn my vote. We are going through EXACTLY the same thing. I am becoming more convinced there is something large brewing for this world. I don't like it one bit. Thanks for your efforts to retain liberty for humanity.

  6. That sentiment is not only present in America, he has touched raw nerves worldwide. I doubt that iI could call him libertarian at this point, but he seems to have a grasp of individual rights, opposes big government, supports the belief that free enterprise is the productive sector.

    For this reason I feel he deserves my support. He seems to have an incredible ability to articulate the concerns many of us have.

    He would get my vote too.

  7. Hey Jim, long time no see. I thought you might enjoy this article. Don't know if you've met him yet, but it's by Paul Ryan, the leading man on the economy in the GOP now, and he's put together the party's alternative to the Dem's budget.

    I posted it on this topic because it is quite relative I believe (put Obama and Ryan in the chairs of their respective counterparts in the video).

    The graph is both interesting and scary at the same time...

  8. Thanks for the hat tip Alex, I have just posted it.