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Apr 5, 2009

Missouri detains potential Ron Paul “Militia leader.”

“It is sobering to reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a 
dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which
 our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence.”
 – Charles A. Beard

Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul, and Bob Barr, are cleared of being 'militia leaders' in Missouri.

A recent report by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC),"The Modern Militia Movement," people who supported candidates like Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr pose a risk of being militia members. "It is not uncommon for militia members to display Constitutional Party, Campaign for Liberty or Libertarian material." The report also warns that other potential signals of militia involvement, are possession of the Gagsden "Don't Tread on Me" flag or the widely available anti-income tax film "America: Freedom to Fascism."

The report was withdrawn after it became an embarrassment to the state government and the three candidates received an apology, but not before it was distributed to law enforcement agencies, creating a prejudice in the minds of police and others against libertarians which does not stop when the distribution stops. Any law officer pulling over a person displaying any of the paraphernalia associated with those candidates or libertarian causes will be aware that the person is profiled as a potential threat and be more prepared to use deadly force than normal.

This action by MIAC constitutes reckless endangerment directed at the very people least likely to be a threat.

From The Agitator:
[Steve Bierfeldt,] … a director of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty is detained by TSA at the St. Louis airport because when asked to explain why he’s carrying $4,700 in cash (it was proceeds from book and ticket sales at the conference), he asks the agents to tell him what law requires him to do so. He managed to surreptitiously record his conversations with TSA officers on a cell phone. The audio is infuriating.

Steve raises good points with the comments:
“Well, the first thing that was going through my head was, I have a limited knowledge of the law, was not to say something that would incriminate myself, and in addition to the cash, I was carrying Campaign for Liberty literature, and I was carrying Ron Paul bumper stickers. So I thought; these guys already know what I do and where I work, they are probably aware of the MIAC report, which you’ve covered, maybe I shouldn’t say something right away.”

“The report about a month ago, where law enforcement in Missouri sent out a … Email that said Ron Paul Supporters, and Campaign for Liberty supporters were maybe potential militia members or terrorists, so I was stuck in the one place in the country that I didn’t want to be in as a supporter of liberty, and the Campaign for Liberty.”

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