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Jul 14, 2009

3 libertarian-leaning GOP Congressmen sign on to Posey bill demanding birth certificate for Presidential eligibility

Controversy still rages in certain circles as to the origins of Obama, the man with little verifiable past. Much of it could be eliminated if he would become sufficiently condescending towards the American people to show an actual full copy of his birth certificate. It first came to light when Obama surrogates questioned McCains standing as he was born in Panama. The McCain response was to release documents proving that he is definitely a US citizen.

When his own credentials were questioned in turn Obama refused to release the original document. A move is now afoot to pass a law which will prevent this type of action which undermines the office of the President happening again.

Blackburn, Campbell & Culberson now co-sponsors.

While it may be too late to revoke Barack Hussein Obama's hold on the Presidency, it is not too late to make the issue of his birth outside of the United States, most likely in Kenya, an issue for Campaign 2012.
With that in mind, a coalition of conservatives and libertarians around the Nation are pushing for the enactment of HR 1503, introduced by freshman Republican Congressman of Florida Bill Posey. The legislation would require proof of birth in the United States of America or its Territories to run for the office of the Presidency. This shall take the form of a valid hospital-issued birth certificate, and not just a receipt for such a certificate as Obama has released.

The legislation got off to a slow start. It was introduced back in March of this year. And only Rep. Bill Goodlatte (R) of Virginia, agreed to sign on as a co-sponsor. Then a few weeks ago, Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, came on board. Within the last two weeks, 5 Republican Congressmen have signed on. Besides the 3 mentioned, co-sponsors include: Reps. Marsha Blackburn (TN), John Carter (TX), John Culberson (TX), Ted Poe (TX), and Dan Burton (IN). Notably, Burton and Blackburn are considered leaders of the GOP House Caucus.
Of note, on the Senate side, the Hon. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has gone on record in support of such legislation in that body.

There are some notable Representatives who have yet to sign on, including some libertarian Republicans. It would also be nice to have a principled and honest Democrat or two as co-sponsors.

Please take a moment to contact your Representatives by email, phone or letter to urge them to support HR 1503. Just tell them it's the "Posey Bill" requiring a birth certificate for Presidential eligibility.

It may be too late to do anything about Obama's 2008 election, but not too late to make this an issue for 2012.

Contact your Congressman website.


  1. Re: "Obama, the man with little verifiable past."

    Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii at Kapoliani Hospital. There is an official birth certificate that shows this and two officials of the state of Hawaii looked into his birth file and said that there was an original birth certificate in it. At the time Hawaii did not register foreign births, so that must have been a birth certificate from Hawaii.

    So, you may ask, why doesn't Obama show the original? Because Hawaii sends out only the Certification of Live Birth (the document that Obama already posted), so unless Obama has a copy of the original saved by his parents and not lost (and many of us do lose our original birth certificate), then all that Obama can post is what Hawaii sends out. Hawaii sends out only the Certification.

    Note also that the legislation that you site, HR 1503, requires that a future candidate provide the election commission with a copy of her or his birth certificate. It does not require the candidate to provide an original birth certificate.

  2. Re:"A move is now afoot to pass a law which will prevent this type of action which undermines the office of the President happening again."

    The legislation that you refer to, HR 1503, requires that a candidate provide a copy of a birth certificate. It does NOT require the original birth certificate.

  3. Re: "This shall take the form of a valid hospital-issued birth certificate.'

    No. It does not say that. It says that the candidate must provide her or his birth certificate. By the way, a hospital-issued document is not even considered a birth certificate. A birth certificate MUST come from an official government body.

    In Hawaii, the government now issues only Certifications of Live Birth. That is the official birth certificate of Hawaii.

  4. In Obama/Soetoro's case even the birth certificate does not matter as his Father was never a US citizen. Obama/Soetor was born with British citizenship via his father, he can never be a "Natural born citizen", he can never be eligible for the office of President.

  5. Re: "Obama/Soetor was born with British citizenship via his father, he can never be a "Natural born citizen", he can never be eligible for the office of President."

    A foreign country's law cannot take away the rights or privileges of an American citizen. He had Natural Born US Citizenship by the simple fact of being born in the USA. That is what Natural Born means (it stems from the laws in the colonies that considered someone who was born in a colony a Natural Born Subject.).

    So, how can a foreign law take that away. Say that Mexico were to pass a law that said that all children born in Texas were Mexican citizens. They would still be US citizens and hence would have dual nationality.

    Would the kids who had dual nationality suddenly be less loyal to the USA? Would the law that Mexico passed change them in any way? Should we allow Mexico to decide that these children cannot be president?

  6. Obama and his families past has been scrutinized probably more than most former candidates, only loser libertarians seem to hope that the more they look at it a fairy might come and change it, to vindicate their ignorance.

  7. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii at Kapoliani Hospital.

    So if this is the 'truth', why did his StopTheSmears website state early on that it was QUEEN'S HOSPITAL.

    Seems to me, he can't keep his lies straight.

  8. I tend to be a bit sceptical about the birth certificate thing although I am tending to think there is more to it now. The refusal to release it and the attacks including one on one of their tame media acolytes for suggesting that it should be cleared up are disturbing.

    I am beginning to feel that the guy is just arrogant enough and contemptuous enough of US law to think he can do whatever he likes.