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Jul 19, 2009

Recommended reading while I'm gone: "The Peoples Cube."

Masthead from the Peoples Cube.

Ridicule is one of the great ways to highlight the absurdities of arguments for those with the skill to do it. The Peoples Cube is a great faux Marxist website that excels at this. My attention was drawn to them by their take on the stimulus packages:

Enlarge Your Economy in Just Days with Stimulus Package
By Red Square

Did you ever ask yourself is your economy big enough? Do you feel insecure about the pork in your portfolio? Do you want to stop your Dow Jones from shrinking at the most embarrassing moments? It is finally possible with the only economy enlargement product that works. You can become a lean, mean and fierce economy-stimulating machine in just days! Satisfy your community's dream of having a representative with a massive Stimulus Package. Enhance, enlarge and upsize the economy today! Stop settling for second best, get your huge bailout here!

Recent discoveries in social science have shown that, like everything else that the government touches, the economy can also grow beyond its current size and last long in a fossilized state when fully stimulated. Forget the old, flexible, trickle-down economy of the past! The new Economy Enlargement Stimulus Package will penetrate your community from the bottom up, distributing satisfaction equally for everybody.

Unlike tax cuts, Stimulus Package delivers results that are permanent. This is why nine out of ten TV economists call this life-changing product a breakthrough in the history of economic enlargement. Economic growth, as we know it, will never be the same. ......

I promise you there is something there for everyone, even the climate fetishists with:
Anthropogenic Continental Drift: An Incoherent Truth


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